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From L'Exposition de Paris, 1889 (Paris : La Librairie
Illustrée, 1889) 1ère & 2ème vols. réunis, p.52.


Welcome to FYI France (sm)(tm) :

resources, and services, of and about 1000+ libraries in France, and publishing and online digital information there and generally in Europe, useful to librarians, Internet users, researchers, teachers, students, writers, book-collectors, book-dealers, publishers, and anyone interested in the Internet, libraries, France and Europe.

The resources shown here present a personal selection, not a comprehensive directory. The latter has gone the way of dinosaurs, anyway, in the fast-changing online digital information world. The best which can be hoped for now, amid all the growth and change, is a personal list. But the items presented here will have been screened carefully in advance, at least, and they will be reviewed regularly, and refreshed and updated, and selected for their immediate utility to practitioners of the professions listed above. Best effects will result from using latest-version W3 browsers which both render tables well and support JavaTM, but every effort will be made to present a generic service, accessible to any W3 viewing tool.

Thanks to many friends, French and non-, for both direct and indirect help in what appears here, in this e-publishing / online library reference service experiment. None of this material originates with me, although all of its organization and presentation do. I acknowledge many debts to many other burners of midnight oil, at the institutions shown on these lists and at many W3 sites around the world. I have many more to numerous advisors who have taught me about the Internet and W3, and to numerous FYI France readers who I hope will continue to send me their comments.

Suggestions for improvements will be gratefully received via email to me at: .

Bonne route,

Jack Kessler

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The New BNF at Tolbiac

1.00 FYI France: Print Libraries in France

Traditional printed book libraries with or without online access.
! New since August 15: 9 new entries & 1 entry revised & updated
! New since May 14: 1 new entry & 1 entry revised & updated
The First Computer Bug

2.00 FYI France: Digital Libraries in France

Non-traditional libraries accessible online.
! New since Dec 15: 3 new entries
! New since Nov 15: 1 entry revised and updated

3.00 FYI France: E-Journal and Archive

The FYI France e-journal -- monthly since 1992 -- and its archive.
! New since February 20: FYI France e-journal issues of January 15, 2018 & February 15, 2018
! New since December 17: FYI France e-journal issue of December 15

4.00 FYI France: Publishers in France

French and foreign publishers, located in France, online or not.
! New since June 15: 4 entries updated
! New since December 15: 14 entries updated
Image du Monde, BNF

5.00 FYI France: Book-Dealers in France

Book-dealers located in France: French or not, online or not.
! New since July 15: 1 entry revised & updated
! New since April 15: 8 new entries
Zodiaque: Leo

6.00 FYI France: Calendar

Books / Libraries / Internet : events in France and Europe.
! New since May 15: 1 new entry

7.00 FYI France: Discussion and Debate

Electronic conferences of and about information work in France.
! New since December 15: 2 new entries
! New since April 15: 1 new entry
Image du Monde, BNF

8.00 FYI France: la Francophonie

France information work resources located outside of France.
! New since Jul 15: 1 entry revised and updated
! New since Feb 15: 1 new entry
Presenting the Book

9.00 FYI France: Internet Training & Consulting

Further help, if needed.
! New since Apr 15: 8 new entries
! New since Oct 15: several additions, including reviews of and a place for debate about Internet Digital Libraries: The International Dimension

10.00 FYI France: Essais

Essays, About Online Digital Publishing and Online Reference Service.
! New since Dec 15: "Francophonie(s)", for Le BBF, Bulletin des Bibliothèques de France
! New since Oct 1: "Libraries Digital and Real : new opportunities", for Le BBF, Bulletin des Bibliothèques de France

11.00 FYI France: Translation Services

French translation services of various types.
! New since Sep 15: 1 new entry
! New since Jan 15: 1 new entry
The Blind Leading the Blind

12.00 FYI France: Bibliographies / Resource Lists

Books / Libraries / Internet : annotated lists of books, etc.
! Since Nov 15: Resource List -- Front National! -- 19 new entries
! Since Jul 16: Resource List -- "French Books on India" -- New Link!
! Since Oct 27: Resource List -- Gypsies in France, 1566-2013 -- lots of new entries...


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"Il brilgue: les tôves lubricilleux
Se gyrent et vrillant dans le guave,
Enmîmés sont les gougebosqueux,
Et le mômerade horsgrave."
( not La Fontaine, and editing thanks to C. Conrad Cady)


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