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May 15, 1998 issue. This file presents an archive copy of the issue of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which was distributed via email on May 15, 1998.

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Versions of the following have appeared online regularly, since 1992, as a feature of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which is distributed for free via email every month except August. Ejournal subscriptions may be obtained via email request to: kessler@well.sf.ca.us

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FYI France: new books -- on Internet, libraries, books

You can find far more than I can provide here, in Internet / library / "The Book" information by and about France and the French, online at,


-- including a new feature, "How to Digitize a Nation...", which will debut there on (I promise) June 15.

But here, for now, are several new and interesting sources -- printed - book format -- for information about the Internet, libraries, and books, all published recently in France: as always, no recommendation, just the suggestion --

* "Amour, Sexe Et Internet" (Paris : Micro Application, Dec 1996) Series: PC Poche, ISBN 2742905146

Included here, perhaps too obviously, for its title -- I have no idea what it is about -- someone please read it and tell me... The BnF's entry says, cryptically, "Internet -- Erotisme -- La couv. porte en plus : 'le guide secret des NetCharmeurs'". What, I wonder, is a "NetCharmeur"? Has the Acade'mie okayed this term? Will this oeuvre go into the "Enfer"?

* François Cointe, "Ça Tourne Pas Net Sur Internet" (Paris : Eyrolles, Nov 1997) Series: Albums d'Humour, ISBN 2212035837

Again, a good title -- nearly the equal of Christian Huitema's wonderful "Et Dieu Créa l'Internet".

* Rives, "Communication Et Publiciet Sur Internet" (Paris : Eyrolles, Nov 1996) ISBN 2212089244

Request for information: what does "publiciet" mean? I thought that this was a typo...

* Daniel A. Tauber, "Comprendre Internet En Quelques Heures" (Paris : Sybex, Feb 1998) ISBN 2736128494

The best "how - to" book on the Internet in French, I hear from French friends, is "l'Internet Pour Les Nuls": "The Internet for Dummies", translated. But that now is old -- 1994. There is a great need for French - language "how to" books on this subject now, in this era of great Internet expansion in France, and for a people as "printed book" - oriented as the French. So I suggest Tauber's book not for its contents but for its currency; if anyone can suggest recent Internet "how - to" books in French which are better I would like very much to hear.

* John Ross, "Découvrir le World Wide Web" (Paris : First, Feb 1998) Series: Découvrir, ISBN 2876914042

* Brian Pfaffenberger, "Découvrir l'Internet" (Paris : First, Sep 1997) Series: Découvrir, ISBN 2876913801

Pfaffenberger has written some very interesting things: something called "Caste in Tamil Culture", a number of books on actually using digital information for writing, and one or two on the social policy implications thereof. I read his "Democratizing information : online databases and rise of end-user searching" (c1990), and it was very good. People seeking recent French - language introductions to l'Internet might look in his direction -- he also has written "Publish it on the Web!" (1996), "Web search strategies" (1996), and "World Wide Web bible" (1996).

* Johanne De Luca, "Dictionnaire Anglais - Français des Télécommunications et de l'Internet" (Paris : Masson, Jul 1997) ISBN 2225829721

* Databeker, "Dictionnaire Info Internet" (Paris : Micro Application, Aug 1997) ISBN 2742910158

Digital information having become -- at last -- very much an affair of language, a good Infospeak Dictionary now is indispensable: simply to translate American Internet argot into understandable English, not to speak of torturing it into French infospeak and vice versa. All this was less important back when "machine" and "programming" languages were the only ones in use -- then it was miraculous enough to get systems to accept ASCII English as input and to produce ASCII English as output. Things have progressed, however: now it is the Age of the User, and the User speaks French, and German and Hindi and Chinese... We need Infospeak Dictionaries now, badly. In France, already and increasingly, "internauts" and "internautes" and "surfeurs" and "surfeuses" are busy on the "Ouebbe"...

* "Guerre Sur Internet" (Paris : Patrick Banon, May 1997) Series Opinions Internationales, ISBN 284192064X

Essays on Internet policy.

* Patrice Martin Lalande, "L' Internet un vrai défi pour la France" (Paris : La Documentation franc,aise, 1998) Series: Rapports Officiels, ISBN 2110039272

Internet policy from the French official point of view.

* "Patrimoine et multimédia: le rôle du conservateur" (Paris : La Documentation française, 1997) Colloque 23, 24 et 25 octobre 1996 à la Bibliothèque nationale de France -- Ecole nationale du patrimoine, ISBN 2110037970.

Internet policy from the French "cultural heritage" and librarianship point of view -- patrimoine and preservation.

* Jason Page, "Internet: cybèrespace m'était conte" (Paris : Gallimard Jeunesse, 1997) [avec la collab. de Fernando Worcel] [ill. par Paul Daviz] [trad.-adapt. de l'anglais par Aalam Wassef] ISBN 2070509710

Cyberspace for children, in French! (Purists please note the correct spelling of "cyberspace"...)

* Jean-Paul Buffelan-Lanore, "Administration citoyenne & cyberdroit" (Paris : Ed. de l'IRIJ, 1997) ISBN 2911578007

Digital information law -- "Cyberdroit" -- there is a word you hadn't heard of...

* Pierre Reboul, "Commerce électronique: techniques et enjeux" (Paris : Eyrolles, 1997) ISBN 2212089635

Ecommerce -- the big question, now -- not just for the US but particularly for smaller European and Asian economies, which are physically remote from the enormous and beckoning US "refuge currency" market, and especially for countries like France which have been burdened with 12+% national unemployment for a very, very, long time.

* Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques, "Convergence et tarification des infrastructures de l'information: le reseau Internet" (Paris : Organisation de coopération et de développement économiques, 1996) [rapport prép. par le Dr. Sam Paltridge] Series: Documents de travail de l'OCDE, ISSN 1022-2219

Will / should ecommerce be taxed? The point of view from outside of the US. Free trade worked for the British Empire, when all the trade was British...

-- And now several interesting "cyberculture" works: "what does it all mean?" -- the French are very good at this --

* Jerome Colombain, "La cyberculture" (Toulouse : Milan, 1997) Series: Les éssentiels Milan 79, ISBN 284113525X

* Philippe Oberson, "L'Internet et l'intelligence économique: méthode de veille économique par l'Internet" (Paris : les Ed. d'Organisation, 1997) ISBN 2708120077

* Dominique Nora, "Les conquérants du cybermonde" (Paris : Gallimard, 1997) Series: Folio Actuel 52, Nouv. éd. rév., ISBN 2070329461

* Max-Henri Pinton, "Le monde de l'Internet: Intranet, Extranet, Outernet" (Paris : les Ed. du Telephone, 1997) ISBN 2909879275

There are "technical" folks in France, too -- anyone else wonder what an "Outernet" is?

-- And recent works on French libraries:

* France -- Inspection générale des bibliothèques, "Rapport annuel de l'Inspection générale des bibliothèques. 1995" (Paris : Inspection générale des bibliothèques, 1996)

* Anne-Marie Moulis, "Les bibliothèques" (Toulouse : Milan, 1996) Series: Les éssentiels Milan 37, ISBN 2841133729

* Claudie Tabet, "La bibliothèque hors les murs" (Paris : Ed. du Cercle de la librairie, 1996) ISBN 2765406243

* Centre de documentation des bibliothèques de la Ville de Paris, "Les concours des bibliothèques et de la documentation" (Paris : Centre de documentation des bibliothèques de la Ville de Paris, 1996) Ed. 1996, nouv. éd. rév., corr. et augm., ISBN 2906869910

-- And, finally, "books":

* Pierre Vican, "Livre" (Paris : Seuil jeunesse, 1996) Series: Un métier en poche, [texte de Pierre Vican; dessins de Manu Boisteau] ISBN 2020286467

Books and librarianship, as a career, for kids?

* France -- Direction de l'information scientifique et technique et des bibliothèques, "Premier recensement des métiers des bibliothèques" (Nanterre : Université de Paris X-Médiadix, 1995)

Books and librarianship, as careers, "pour nous autres"...

* Unesco, "Rapport mondial sur l'information" (Paris : Unesco, 1997) Ed. 1997-1998, ISBN 9232033410

No reason to ignore the good information produced by these people, just because the US isn't a member...

* Noe Richter, "Introduction a l'histoire de la lecture publique et a la bibliothéconomie populaire" (Bernay : Société d'histoire de la lecture, 1995) ISBN 2950972705

* Noe Richter, 'Lecture populaire, ouvrière, lecture et travail" (Bernay : Société d'histoire de la lecture, 1998) Series: Matériaux pour une histoire de la lecture et de ses institutions 3, ISBN 2912626021

Richter is prolific...

* Roger Chartier, "Culture écrite et société: l'ordre des livres: XIVe-XVIIIe siècle" (Paris : A. Michel, 1996) ISBN 222608701X

* Roger Chartier, "Au bord de la falaise: l'histoire entre certitudes et inquiétude" (Paris : A. Michel, 1998) ISBN 2226095470

As is Chartier...

Bonne(s) lecture(s).


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