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Jul 15, 1996 issue. This file presents an archive copy of the issue of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which was distributed via email on July 15, 1996.
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From kessler Jul 15 1996

Subject: FYI France: summer reading -- getting ready for 1997

1997 promises to be a big year for online digital information in France. The new premises of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France at Tolbiac will be open for business: one of the world's largest libraries, and surely the world's most expensive, with elaborate online offerings planned. France Télécom will be privatized and sold, or at least 49% of it: to Thomson, according to the latest rumors, which then will be sold to Alcatel, or to the Groupe Lagardère (Matra / Hachette), in what is becoming the ritual account - churning of French privatizations.

There also -- the timing of this is less certain -- is a global economic recovery under way, which may at last have a ripple effect on the French, in 1997, hopefully reducing the 12% unemployment and general financial malaise which recently have slowed things down there so much.

To prepare for all of this -- for those of you who aren't buried in W3 / the Web "24 sur 24", and still read books, and still have room left on your summer shelves -- a few recent releases, hopefully of interest, on French library / Internet / digital information matters:

* Information autoroutes

* Multimedia

* The Internet

* Libraries


Two corrigenda received, and herewith posted, to last month's (June 15) issue about the Grandes Ecoles Symposium:

1) Netscape Corp. says that Jim Clark was in France in May, but not the week before the Symposium, and not in Sophia Antipolis with Oracle's Ray Lane (just named Oracle's president). Clark was there a couple of weeks earlier, attending a conference in Paris, and visiting Netscape's new and growing France operations. Seems to me, though, that the basic point of the rumors is the same: Netscape and the Web and the Internet generally all are taking off very rapidly in France.

2) I discovered that Berkeley's eloquent business student is named not Rose Marie Haas but Rose Marie Ham: "Haas" is the name of her school, was in the next line on her address, and I was typing late at night.

Also, one point about milk production, for which I am indebted to Walt Crawford. Walt points out that lactose intolerance is a major problem in many places. I know myself that my wife won't let me drink European -- i.e., non - non - fat -- milk, for some health reason. How might a Symposium such as the one just held at Sophia broaden its debate in such directions? Can meaningful debate about BST and bioengineering combine with public health, internationally, without becoming merely a slanging match? I'd enjoy seeing Jennie Hunter - Cevera take on the Dark Side forces again. But there is much question in me as to where the technical side of a debate ends, and the purely political -- ie. often - fruitless -- begins? Same with tomatoes.


Bonnes vacances. See you again on September 15.

Jack Kessler

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