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May 15, 1996 issue. This file presents an archive copy of the issue of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which was distributed via email on May 15, 1996.
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FYI France: Conf.des Grandes Ecoles -- Multimedia (?) and France

This month's issue presents a list of France and US "multimedia"
resources, and an appeal for some help in extending and refining it.

The list is online for the Confe'rence des Grandes Ecoles International
Symposium III, meeting May 27 - 30 in Sophia Antipolis in France (see
FYI France, May 1 Extra issue -- I can answer questions about the
Symposium if you would send me email), so the references are biased
toward France and things of interest to the French. Suggestions from
anyone here who might have interests in either or both multimedia and
France would be appreciated very much.

Jack Kessler



France hosts the Cannes Film Festival (this week!), and it invented
ballet and a lot of what goes into modern art and music and drama; and
their movie industry is smarting -- badly -- at the moment under
Hollywood pressures. So there is a great and growing interest in France
in "multimedia", whatever that is.

The French also are very interested in the Internet. They invented the
Minitel, and French Internet usage and growth figures have been among
the highest in the world recently. Several government initiatives in
France are busy "wiring" everything in sight within the "hexagone".
So "multimedia" applications have a fascination for the French by
virtue of their Internet association, as well.

What follows, then, is a little "multimedia" resource list which I have
prepared for the upcoming International Symposium III, hosted by the
Confe'rence des Grandes Ecoles and MIT and UCB Berkeley: at Sophia
Antipolis, just up the road from Cannes, May 27 - 30 -- see FYI France
Extra May 1 -- full symposium details may be found at,
http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/IS3/ .

The list makes no pretensions at being comprehensive: "Internet"
coupled with "comprehensive list" forms an oxymoron. And it is only one
user's list, designed to fit on a couple of pages of a conference
posting. But the list does make some attempt at being useful, which is
more than many "information overload" Internet lists do: when I do
searches on Internet indexes nowadays I normally get 2 or 3 million
retrievals, pared down only by some highly - suspicious relevance
ranking routines: here I have tried to find only things which beginning
users in France and the US might really find interesting.

And no I don't myself know what "multimedia" is. I have heard the term
used to describe the movies, video games, electronic journals, Internet
telephony, pop - up books, video - conferencing, performance art, the
ballet, poetry readings, newspaper comics, medieval Miracle Plays,
Greek drama, the entire cdrom industry, Internet Relay Chat, and all of
grand opera. Dieter Rot's books were "multimedia", as I remember, as
was Schwitter's "twitter machine" and just about everything which Jean
Tinguely ever did. Adding "digital" to "multimedia" might help a bit
for now; but because increasingly everything can be digitized --
including art and drama and live performance -- ultimately "digital"
just gets us back to where we started, on the definition.

Perhaps "the truth is in the labeling", as Madison Avenue says: perhaps
the best we all can do for now is to follow all the disparate threads
of the "multimedia" discussion as best we can, at least until the label
settles down and some government agency decrees its official meaning,
or until someone really starts making lots of money from it: by then it
won't be much fun anymore, anyway.

The following list isn't finished -- the conference isn't for two weeks
yet, and we all know that a Website can change (not easily, but it can
be done) -- so additions and deletions and corrections will be
gratefully accepted via email to  kessler@well.sf.ca.us .


Outline handout for the Confe'rence des Grandes Ecoles / MIT / UC
Berkeley "International Symposium III", May 27 - 30, Sophia Antipolis:

May 15, 1996

		How to Get in Touch and Stay in Touch
		     Developments in Multimedia

by Jack Kessler, kessler@well.sf.ca.us

The following list offers two things:

	A. Some Multimedia Resources Online, 

		1.00 In France
		2.00 In the US
		3.00 Elsewhere
		4.00 And, Tools...

	B. And How to Get Them [omitted in this FYI France version. jk]

A. Some Multimedia resources online: what follows is only a personal
selection...  among many hundreds of possibilities to be found just
online --

1.00 In France

* http://www.cicv.fr/PAGES/ECOLES/france.html -- A list of educational
institutions in France which offer multimedia training, with contact

* http://www.Imaginet.fr/~fcm/ -- Commercial site containing links to
online cinema offerings and news.

* http://www.ita.doc.gov/industry/computers/mkt11.txt -- US Embassy
Paris newsletter on annual "MILIA, a trade show for multimedia
applications" held in Cannes.

* http://www.msh-paris.fr/~leca/ -- Philippe Leca's personal selection
of a large variety of Multimedia (and other Internet) links. [Leca's is
only one among many such personal selections to be found online.]

* http://www.adit.fr/Produits/DT/DatDT/DT94MUL.html -- order form / bon
de commande for a report, "France Facing the Multimedia Sweepstakes" /
"La France face aux enjeux du Multime'dia" (20 pages, 527.50 francs, no
indication of its date), by ADIT / Agence pour la Diffusion de
l'Information Technologique -- "e'tab. public caract. industriel
commercial / Min.s Industr, De'f, Econ.".

* http://www.nh.fr/CNET/Teleamphi.html -- Tele - conferencing offering
of France Te'le'com: "communications interpersonnelles multime'dia".

* http://www.ensica.fr/~mmm96/ -- MultiMedia Modeling 96. W3 homepage
for the "Third International Conference on Multimedia Modeling" to be
held in Toulouse, France, Nov 12 - 15 1996. Sponsors include IFIP W.G.
5.10 (computer graphics and virtual worlds), The Computer Graphics
Society, ACM (requested), IEEE (requested), LAAS - CNRS / Laboratoire
d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Syste`mes - CNRS, ENSICA / Ecole
Nationale Supe'rieure d'Inge'nieurs de Constructions Ae'ronautiques: to
be held at ENSICA. "A forum for presentation of the state of the art in
the representaiton, processing, interaction, integration and retrieval
of multimedia information...".

* http://www.ccett.fr/ -- CCETT / Centre Commun d'Etudes de
Te'le'diffusion et Te'le'communications. A France Te'le'com group for
audiovisual and multimedia technologies.

* bhttp://www.cd-rama.cie.fr/ -- CD - RAMA magazine. French multimedia
magazine.  Online calendar and archive, and a good list of links.

* http://www.bull.com/ -- Socie'te' Bull, the largest French computer

* http://www.rpnews.com/ -- RP News. French multimedia weekly

* http://www.mmania.com/ -- The Virtual Baguette. Wonderfully -
entitled bi - lingual multimedia newsletter.

* http://www.festival-cannes.com/c/a/aca01.htm -- "Interactive
Festival":  "linked to the first "Multimedia Day" organised by Zenith
Data Systems at the 49th International Film Festival in Cannes..."

* http://sap.mit.edu/projects/mit-lyon/project.html -- "MIT <-> Lyon
Information Transcript": cooperative MIT <-> Lyon Third International
Art Biennale project, involving large (220+k bytes) but fascinating
online image map, "IBM bilingual speech recognition engine",
simultaneous (?) machine translation, voice synthesis, and
international interactive access, although I can't get the links to
work myself.

* http://www.capmedia.fr/capwww.28/anglais/cintv_fr.htm -- Capmedia's
links to French tv and movie offerings online.

* http://www.francenet.fr/cine/cannes/ -- The Cannes Film Festival.

* GRAPHIQUE-L -- econference: "a` propos du graphisme avec un grand 'G'
(graphisme, image, hyperme'dia)" -- graphique-l@univ-lille1.fr

* JAVA -- econference: "Java (le nouveau langage de Sun conc,u pour le
Web)" -- java@u-strasbg.fr

et cetera... many others.

2.00 In the US

* http://www.bamta.org/ -- BAMTA / Bay Area Multimedia Technology
Alliance. San Francisco "Bay Area" (including "Silicon Valley") group
of US government, commercial, educational organizations working in
digital multimedia. Newsletter available.

* http://www.oracle.com/ -- Oracle, producer of, among many other
things, the forthcoming "NC / Network Computer / Non - Computer".

* http://www.sun.com/ -- Sun Microsystems.

* http://www.aol.com/ -- America Online.

* http://www.adobe.com/ -- Adobe. The Book Arts come to the Internet.

* http://www.cisco.com/ -- Cisco. The leading problem of the Internet's
multimedia, and of the Internet generally, is its bottlenecks. Cisco is
the current world leader in solving this problem.

* http://www.microsoft.com/ -- Mr. Bill Gates. And many multimedia

* http://www.paramount.com/ -- Paramount cinema. Content: what the
public will consume as "multimedia". Now owned by a leading US cable TV
provider, Viacom.  Many others like this are becoming available now:
Disney (!?), for example.

* http://www.hotwired.com -- online version of a leading, some would
say _the_ leading, US - based hi - tech / Internet / multimedia
magazine. "Pop" format and style -- something to outrage people with --
but consistently - successful effort to stay on the "leading edge" of
these things.

* http://www.herring.com -- "Red Herring Magazine" (and online
services) provides a good example of journalism entirely devoted to the
business - side of Silicon Valley, now including regular and extensive
coverage of Multimedia business events. It calls itself, "a smart new
technology strategy and finance magazine": sort of the Bourse
equivalent of the trendier "Wired".

* http://www.well.com -- original home of much of the discussion and no
small few of the ideas which contributed to the early evolution of
digital information and networking. The Well / the Whole Earth
'Lectronic Link, founded by the "hippies" (French term) who
produced the famous Whole Earth Access Catalog, still preserves its
fine tradition of eclectic and amusing and very original discussion, on
topics ranging from Multimedia to San Francisco driving habits to "The
Grateful Dead". You'll find most people / entities in San Francisco's
"Multimedia Gulch" online on The Well.

* http://www.liber.net/law-france/ -- Law - France: indispensable
resource for those interested in, and with confidence that there are
answers to, the questions of copyright which inevitably come up in
multimedia discussions. In French and English: econference attached.

* MMDEVX -- "MMDEVX is an electronic mailing list for multimedia
developers & programmers interested in cross-platform multimedia tools
& authoring environments" -- email to MMDEVX-request@knex.mind.org
saying, only,  SUBSCRIBE  

3.00 Elsewhere

* http://www.nlc-bnc.ca/ifla/VII/s21/p1995/sitp2.htm -- Inventory of
Multimedia Software

* http://viswiz.gmd.de/MultimediaInfo -- Index to Multimedia
Information Sources -- invaluable starting point in the subject, for
the US, France, wherever

* http://www.nic.in/announcements/MM96/ -- "Multimedia '96 --
International Conference on Multimedia Information Systems, 25 - 29
February 1996, Venue:  The Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi"

* http://www.wave7.com/cdm96/ -- "Multimedia '96/China -- The Second
International Exhibition of Technologies and Applications of
Multimedia, April 23- 26 1996, Beijing International Convention Center"

* IMAGE-L -- "Image Processing and Applications e-conference" -- email
to listserv@vm3090.ege.edu.tr  saying, only,  SUBSCRIBE 

* MMEDIA-L -- "The Multimedia e-conference" -- email to
listserv@itesmvf1.rzs.itesm.mx  saying, only,  SUBSCRIBE

4.00 And, Tools --

The best way to find things about "Multimedia" or anything else online,
as these things multiply and change, is to become familiar with and to
use the online indexes: among these are --

http://www.altavista.digital.com -- DEC's "Altavista", currently the
largest and fastest;

http://magellan.mckinley.com -- "Magellan" offers its own very useful
judgments about which sites are good and no - so - good;

http://www.yahoo.com -- "Yahoo" offers good subdivided indexing, for
narrowing down searches;

http://www.cs.colostate.edu/~dreiling/smartform.html -- "SavvySearch"
allows you to pursue a single search easily over multiple search

-- try searching these for "Multimedia", but then when you retrieve for
example "Altavista's" 900,000+ entries, try looking at the various
sophisticated ways which these search engines offer for narrowing your
search -- the problem no longer is too little information.

B. And How to Get Them [about ISP's / WSP's in France and elsewhere, and
some general notes on the effective use of all of this -- omitted in
this FYI France version. jk]


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