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Jul 15, 1995 issue. This file presents an archive copy of the issue of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which was distributed via email on July 15, 1995. This particular issue originally was distributed in two parts, as indicated below.
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From: Jack Kessler 
July 15, 1995

FYIFrance: "Autoroute de l'Information", several new books

In France, the "Information Superhighway" -- sorry, the "Autoroute de
l'Information" -- has caused an explosion of excitement and feverish
publication activity, one almost as great already as that which is
coursing across the US. Some of the fever is reported here.

There have been many installments of FYIFrance devoted to digital
resources in the French networked information explosion. Breaking with
this precedent, a few new and interesting paper - and - cardboard -
book resources are listed here. For friends in France, French friends
elsewhere, all Francophiles, and those Francophobes who persist in
thinking of the French as "technological dinosaurs", here are several
very interesting new things to read. For Internetters (Internauts?), as
always in FYIFrance, here is further proof that it's not just an "anglo
- saxon" online world.

(Thanks to the libraries of the University of Caen for sharing, via
telnet, their apparently - imposing collection of technology and
scientific resources, and their fine access and bibliographic record
formatting: all increasingly - indispensable services in this age of
international serials and book budgets cutbacks, on both sides of the
Atlantic -- I have found few of what follows in any libraries outside
of France.)

	The Autoroute de l'Information in France: some new books

1) Policy and Controversy (this _is_ France):

Les autoroutes de l'information : rapport au Premier ministre
Thery, Gerard
La Documentation francaise, 1994. - 127 p.     (ISBN : 2-11-003255-3)
Collection : Collection des rapports officiels

	Source of the storm, written by the Father of the Minitel who,
	while he didn't exactly invent Minitel, was responsible for
	shepherding it successfully through the Paris bureaucracy,
	which in France amounts to substantially the same thing.

Les autoroutes de l'information : mythes et realites
Sandoval, Victor
Hermes, 1995. - 122 p. : fig.     (ISBN : 2-86601-459-6)

	Inevitable. They say that if you get two of the French in a
	room you have an argument, or...

Les teleservices en France : quels marches pour les autoroutes de
l'informations ?
Breton, Thierry
La Documentation francaise, 1994. - 615 p^. : fig. , tabl.     (ISBN :
Collection : Collection des rapports officiels

La circulation de l'information a travers les reseaux RENATER et
INTERNET : actes du colloque organise le 11 fevrier 1994 a Paris
Groupement francais de l'industrie de l'information (GFII) (Dir.) ;
Colloque sur la circulation de l'information a travers les reseaux
RENATER et INTERNET (Paris ; 1994)
GFII, 1994. - Pagination multiple

	The way the French do this: centralization -- Paris et le
	de'sert... -- the national government's RENATER project put an
	Internet plug in every institution of higher learning in the
	country in 1994 -- still not a lot of things out there to put
	into that plug, but they're working on that, too.

Les nouveaux maitres du monde
La Baume, Renaud de ; Bertolus, Jean-Jerome
Belfond, 1995. - 232 p.     (ISBN : 2-7144-3253-0)

	Some title! Can't wait to read it just for that.

Et Dieu crea l'Internet...
Huitema, Christian
Eyrolles, 1995. - 201 p.     (ISBN : 2-212-08855-8)

	Even better title, and this time by one of the long - time
	Internet Society leaders.

2) General Introductions:

Internet pour les nuls
Levine, John R. ; Baroudi, Carol
Sybex, 1994. - XIX-352 p.     (ISBN : 2-7361-1298-9)

	To begin at the beginning...

L'Internet pour nous autres
Sanouillet, Anne
Universite de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, Centre du XXIe siecle, 
1995. - 31 p.

	A French intro, better - titled and reputed than the first.

Internet... tout de suite !
Butler, Mark ; Bradshaw, Steph (Ill.) ; Pierchon, Cecile (Trad.)
Dunod, 1994. - IX-149 p. : fig.     (ISBN : 2-10-002463-9)

	Version anglosaxonne, if in translation.

Sesame pour internet : initiation au reseau planetaire
LaQuey, Tracy ; Gore, Al (Pref.) ; Saint-Leger, Olivier (Trad.) ; Su,
Jean-Baptiste (Trad.) ; Condat, Jean-Bernard (Adapt.)
Addison-Wesley, 1994. - XI-242 p.     (ISBN : 2-87908-083-5)

	Version anglosaxonne again, but a very useful one in any
	language. (Is that "sesame" as in "Open, sesame!"?)

Condat, Jean-Bernard ; Pioch, Nicolas
J.C.i, 1994. - VI-225 p.     (ISBN : 2-921599-06-6)

	Two well - known French Internet names: Pioch is the young and
	brash WebLouvre designer who won the enmity of the older and
	larger and less - digitized Louvre, and a Best of Web award,
	for his pioneering work.

Internet : guide de connexion. - 3e tir.
Andrieu, Olivier
Eyrolles, 1995. - VI-239 p.     (ISBN : 2-212-08900-7)

Le monde Internet : guide & ressources. - 2e ed.
Krol, Ed
O'Reilly, 1995. - XXIX-543 p. : fig. , tabl.     (ISBN : 2-84177-000-1)

L'officiel d'Internet
Andrieu, Olivier
Eyrolles, 1995. - XI-253 p.     (ISBN : 2-212-08904-X)

La bible Internet
Mora, Frederic
Addison-Wesley, 1995. - XII-359 p. : disquette 3 pouces et demi
encartee in fine     (ISBN : 2-87908-105-X)

	France is a religious country.

Cles de contact pour l'Internet
Saint-Leger, Olivier ; Pigot, Thierry
Sybex, 1995. - XIV-298 p. : diquette 3 pouces et demi encartee in fine
(ISBN : 2-7361-1553-8)

3) Technical:

Une Introduction a TCP/IP
Davidson, J. ; Bazet, Ph. (trad.) ; Bousquet, P. (trad.)^
Masson, 1991. - 86 p.     (ISBN : 2-225-82521-1)
Collection : Manuels d'informatique Masson

TCP/IP : administration de reseau
Hunt, Craig ; Larsen, Renaud (trad.)
Addison-Wesley, 1992. - XII-564 p.     (ISBN : 2-87908-030-4)
Collection : Nutshell

Le routage dans l'internet
Huitema, Christian
Eyrolles, 1995. - XIV-417 p.     (ISBN : 2-212-08902-3)

4) Applications:

Projet DESS : Transfert des listes de diffusions Internet vers Minicom
Renaudineau, Christian ; Le Crosnier, Herve (Dir.)
Universite de Caen, 1994. - 43 f.

	E - conferencing, a` la franc,aise -- under the direction of
	the moderator of the BIBLIO-FR e - conference, Herve' Le

Modifications techniques et modifications des usages : dix ans de
reseau a l'IMAG (Institut d'informatique et de mathematiques appliquees
de Grenoble). Tome I
Heres Renzetti, Francoise ; Tetu, Jean-Francois (Dir.)
Universite de Grenoble 3, 1994. - V-IV-382 p. : fig.

	A model informatised library.

L'Internet professionnel : temoignages, experiences, conseils pratiques
de la communaute enseignement & recherche (choix, installation et
utilisation de logiciels sur Macintosh, PC et stations Unix) Simaray,
Alain (Coord.) ; Archimbaud, Jean-Luc (Red.) ; Aumont, Serge (Red.) ;
Bisiaux, Guy (Red.) ; CNRS-Universite CNRS, 1995. - 448 p. : fig. en
noir et en coul.     (ISBN : 2-271-05256)

5) Last but hardly Least:

Les nouveaux maitres du monde
La Baume, Renaud de ; Bertolus, Jean-Jerome
Belfond, 1995. - 232 p.     (ISBN : 2-7144-3253-0)^

	A final great title.

L'homme numerique
Negroponte, Nicholas ; Garene, Michele (Trad.)
R. Laffont, 1995. - 295 p.     (ISBN : 2-221-08062-9)

	The Pope of Wired Magazine and The Media Lab, in French!



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