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Mar 15, 1995 issue. This file presents an archive copy of the issue of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which was distributed via email on March 15, 1995. This particular issue originally was distributed in two parts, as indicated below.
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From: Jack Kessler 
Subject: France on the Web -- recommended starting points (15 Mar 95)

FYIFrance: France on the Web -- recommended starting points

There is so much -- perhaps too much -- excitement on the nets now
about the WorldWideWeb / W3 / Mosaic / "l'hypertexte" etc., that some
particular attention to W3 resources in France might be interesting
here. A longer list of what is available in library and information W3
resources in France is given in the "French Online Libraries" list
which appears here every six months.  The effort below is to go for
depth rather than breadth -- filtering, maybe -- to delve into a few of
the current W3 efforts in France in a little more detail, perhaps to
encourage less francophilic or less networking - philic readers of this
to take a look at them.

Four W3 resources in France are reviewed here, chosen for their
interest and usefulness to library and information workers. There are
other wonderful resources mounted now on French W3 servers -- Nicholas
Pioch's remarkable and now award - winning WebLouvre, for example
(http://mistral.enst.fr), which gives you both Paris tours and online
reproductions of Old Masters -- but the concern this time is not so
much with information as it is with the exercise of finding it in France.

1) GRENET / GREnobleNET -- http://www.grenet.fr

Grenoble has been a center of scientific research and of information
networking development in France since the 1960's. GRENET / GREnobleNET
servers have been among the most accessible and the most active in the
country's networking; the GRENET gopher -- gopher.grenet.fr (now being
discontinued) -- was for several years the largest and most complete
point of access for a foreigner wishing to reach information online in
France. The GRENET gopher recently was supplanted by an equally -
excellent GRENET W3 homepage, the text of which appears as follows:

	(very pretty inline picture of the Alps)

	Bienvenue sur le serveur WWW du CICG a` _GRENOBLE_

	Ce Serveur vous informe sur :

		Le Centre Interuniversitaire de Calcul de Grenoble
		l'Annuaire Universite's/Recherche de Grenoble
		Tous les serveurs d'information de Grenoble et sa re'gion.
		Le Re'seau Documentaire de Grenoble
		Les Nouveaute's sur le re'seau a` Grenoble ? 
		Le cine'ma et d'autres manifestations culturelles
		La chaine TV Informatique "Computer Channel"
		Diffe'rents services du Re'seau (gopher, ftp, archie, 
		news, liste de distribution).
		Les autres serveurs WWW (en France et dans le monde) 

2) RENNES / Universite' de Rennes -- http://www.univ-rennes1.fr

The University of Rennes has assembled archives, and a W3 homepage,
which are of particular interest to librarians and to anyone interested
in information work per se in France. Rennes houses archives of many of
the numerous and growing library and networking e - conferences in
France, such as BIBLIO- FR, which very usefully may be examined via
search - strings: increasingly, as e - conferences improve in quality
and their archives grow in quantity, such searching is becoming the
single most effective technique for getting and staying current with an
online information topic.

Rennes e - conference archives, and their searching, of course are
available from other servers such as that at GRENET, via the many
miracles of W3 and hypertext. Rennes has, however, assembled a clear
and concise although comprehensive homepage which, like the homepage at
GRENET, greatly enhances access:

	Le Centre de REssources Informatiques (CRI) de l'Universite' de
	Rennes 1 est heureux de vous accueillir sur son serveur WWW et
	vous donne acce`s aux information suivantes:

	L'Universite' de Rennes 1
	Le re'seau Ouest Recherche
	Le Comite' Re'seau des Universite's
	Le reste du monde

then, under "Le reste du monde"

	(very pretty picture of "le reste du monde", taken from somewhere high 
	in the sky above Rennes)

	Quoi d'autre sur l'Internet?

	(various -- omitted here)
	listes de diffusions

and finally, under "listes de diffusions"

	Les listes de diffusion francophones

	Les ARCHIVES de quelques listes: recherche chronologique ou par mots - 
	Les ABONNES de quelques listes
	Pour publier une liste dans le catalogue des listes francophones
	Un catalogue de serveurs de listes franc,ais
	Pour demander la cre'ation d'une liste de diffusion

	Les listes de diffusion internationales

	recherche alphabe'tique
	recherche par mots - cle's exprime's en anglais

3) CULTURE / Ministe`re de la Culture -- http://www.culture.fr

One great difference between France and many other countries -- between
France and the US, at any rate -- is the great emphasis which the
French place upon "culture", and the great extent of their central
government's involvement in it. At a time when the "culture"
establishment in the US is largely being dismantled, in fact, it
perhaps is interesting for US librarians and information workers to
take another look at French concerns with "la patrimoine culturelle",
particularly in its online and official manifestation.

The server at the French Ministry of Culture contains many things of
interest to any W3 wanderer. It is here that one finds, for example,
the text and images which so quickly made the recent prehistoric Combe
d'Arc cave discoveries available to the world (see "FYIFrance EXTRA:
the new French cave paintings, already online!" of January 25).  It
appears that various imaging projects from French Museums and other
sources likewise are destined for mounting, soon, on the Ministry
server. For now, there already are resources in libraries and
particularly in archives which may be of great interest to the waiting
W3 world (or there will be -- this week the server is being re -
constructed): the Ministry's homepage --

	Le Ministe`re de la culture et de la francophonie

	Nous reorganisons notre serveur. Void ici pour les peintures de 
	la grotte de vallon pont d'arc
	Our server is being reorganized. Please look here for the cave paintings
	Le serveur du ministe`re
	Le sie`cle des lumie`res dans la peinture des muse'es de France.
	The age of enlightenment in the paintings of France's national museums.
	The prix de Rome contest in paintings.

4) The Centre Pompidou, including the BPI -- http://www.cnac-gp.fr

	(Pretty nice inline graphic of the Pompidou's irrepressible

	Centre National d'Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou 
	19 rue Beaubourg,
	75004 Paris (France)

	English version

	Vous avez acce`s aux rubriques suivantes:

	Qu'est ce que le Centre Georges Pompidou
	Acce`s, horaires, tarifs
	Calendrier quotidien pour Mars 1995
	Programmation 1994-1995
	Nouvelle revue interdisciplinaire: appel a` re'actions
	(deutsch, english, espan~ol, italiano)

	... et a` d'autres informations et services connexes:

	Muse'es, expositions et ressources the'a^trales sur l'Internet
	Le calendrier Arts Deadlines
	L'Ecole Nationale Supe'rieure des Beaux-Arts

	Dans le cadre des actions du Centre Pompidou et de l'Ircam dans
	les domaines de l'exclusion et de la solidarite':

	Sida et VIH - manifestations, informations et ressources

General filtering observations: the increasing importance of homepage design

One interesting aspect of information access which becomes apparent in
examining the Web is the increasing importance to it of graphic
design.  If the Mosaic approach is fated to become the standard -- it
isn't yet clear that it will, nor is it yet clear that its becoming so
would be a good thing -- at least this would mean that the technology
will have become that much more standardised: that much less necessary
to worry about, for the average network user who remains un -
fascinated by technology. At the same time, the miracles of the Web and
of hypertext mean that increasingly all sorts of networked information
may be found anywhere by anyone online: cross - references, "links",
and so on increasingly ensure that you can get to it from location "x"
if it is at "y", and even if it is at "z" or for that matter anywhere else.

The organization of all of this cross - linkage is not obvious; it is
not obvious that it currently has any organization at all. But then
that is job security at least for librarians in the coming century. It
also provides a job for interface designers: the appearance of the Web
homepage -- its typeface, its colors, its arrangement, all the cosmetic
effects which have preoccupied book designers and printers for
centuries -- increasingly is becoming as important as its content, as
the content is being offered, cross - linked, by everyone else's
homepage. So there may be hope for the printing arts yet.

Anglo - American users and designers might also note the presence of
"English language version" options on the homepages in France: multi -
lingual access still isn't often an option on an "anglo - saxon"
homepage -- this will become a problem as their authors try to offer
them to the rapidly - growing user bases in Europe, Asia, and
elsewhere. Bonne polyglotte / hypertextuelle route! 



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