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Jan 15, 1995 issue. This file presents an archive copy of the issue of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which was distributed via email on January 15, 1995. This particular issue originally was distributed in two parts, as indicated below.
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Versions of the following have appeared online regularly, since 1992, as a feature of the FYI France enewsletter, ISSN 1071-5916, which is distributed for free via email every month except August. Enewsletter subscriptions may be obtained via email request to: kessler@well.sf.ca.us .

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From: Jack Kessler 
Subject: European MARC, Z39.50, SGML, and ECHO as a source (15 Jan 95)

FYIFrance: European MARC, Z39.50, SGML, and ECHO as a source

A question asked often by friends in Europe itself as well as elsewhere
is, "We hear all the time what the Americans are doing in networking --
what is new in Europe?"

Networking is expanding most rapidly in Europe now, but North America
still is ahead, so that it still is relatively more difficult to get
European information, increasingly interesting though that information
might be. A good source for a periodic European networking overview is
ECHO / the European Community Host Organization information service;
more specifically one or two files on the ECHO service which describe
current works - in - progress being promoted by the European Union.
These projects are for the most part collaborative, trans - European
affairs.  A periodic review of their descriptions can give an observer
-- European or other -- a regular update as to what interests the
Europeans in networked information. The descriptions include addresses
of the researchers, very useful for obtaining detailed information and
developing contacts.

ECHO maintains both a well - established traditional database access
system, reached via telnet to  echo.lu , and a new and quickly
developing W3 server, at http://www.echo.lu . Current examples may be
obtained as follows and include (these from the telnet service):

(the first thing which you reach at echo.lu is a multilingual access
screen: still unfamiliar in the US, but a necessity in the outside
networking world -- one wonders when US networks will realize this?)
		ECHO  -  European Commission Host Organisation


                Enter         1  in order to work in English
                Tapez         2  pour travailler en francais
                Geben Sie     3  ein um auf Deutsch zu arbeiten
                Digitate      4  per lavorare in italiano
                Teclee        5  para trabajar en espanol
                Toets         6  om in het Nederlands te werken
                Tast          7  for at arbejde paa dansk
                Dactilografe  8  para trabalhar em portugues


                              ECHO - Main Menu

1 : General information
2 : User guidance databases (incl. I'M GUIDE, I'M FORUM)
    (fulltext, etc., of Europe information periodicals / services)
3 : Scientific and R & D databases
	1 : EUREKA	("advanced technology" projects descriptions)
     	2 : EURISTOTE	(directory: 15000+ studies on Europe)
     	3 : UNESBIB	(UNESCO bibliography: 50,000+ documents)
4 : COmmunity R & D Information Service (CORDIS)
	1 RTD-NEWS      : News items related to Community RTD activities
 	2 RTD-ACRONYMS  : Acronyms relevant to Community RTD activities
 	3 RTD-COMDOCUMENTS : Commission documents re RTD activities
 	4 RTD-PROGRAMMES   : Community RTD-related programmes
	  (currently 388 of them -- funding sources for:)
 	5 RTD-PROJECTS     : Community RTD-related projects
	  (currently 22,794 of them! including, among 33 for "libraries":)

TTL   : National Libraries Project on CD-Rom
OBJ   : The project aims to promote better and easier access by more users to
        European national bibliographies and to promote economies in library
        cataloguing through greater and more effective sharing of cataloguing
        source records. CD-Rom was chosen as a cost-effective delivery medium
        and a means of ensuring widespread distribution of cataloguing data
        between European countries. An important feature is the development of
        standard approaches to strategies, applications and formats.
GEN   : The 9 sub-projects each involve different partnerships between the
        Consortium libraries and will run, some in parallel, some
        consecutively, throughout the duration of the project. The results,
        taking the form variously of prototypes, specifications and reports,
        will be made available on a wide and ongoing basis, through
        publications or licensing mechanisms as appropriate.
        Projects fall into a number of categories, all intended to have a
        general applicability beyond the test systems. Some of the sub-projects
        focus on the development of soft standards or guidelines for
        bibliographic applications of CD-Rom. Other projects have a technical
        rather than bibliographical orientation and are concerned with the
        interfaces to the DOS environment, to local and to remote systems. An
        important factor is to ensure that the projects and bibliographic
        products keep in step with emerging technical developments and 
POR   : NATIONAL BIBLIOGRAPHIC SERVICE, The British Library, 2 Sheraton Street, 
CPJ   : name:         SMITH, R.
        tel:          +44-1-3237262 fax:          +44-1-3237039

TTL   : User-controlled Generic MARC Converter
OBJ   : Service packages to enhance international use of national bibliographic
        records (conversion programmes; delivery mechanisms; standards; etc.)
        At the (national) libraries in the European Community about ten
        different standards of MARC formats are being used. The goal of the
        project is to develop a toolbox able of converting bibliographic
        records from any MARC format into any other format through a central
        conversion format: UseMARCON. For usage of the toolbox no programming
        experience is required.
        The objectives of the project are:
        to produce a data-driven tool
        to enable, via a user-friendly interface
        to define how the conversion is to take place between the source and
        the destination formats.
GEN   : The Project is divided in 3 main phases: first it will investigate the
        feasibility of the converter by analysing the conversion problems and
        by evaluating whether those problems can be solved by a data-driven
        tool. This phase will end up with a go/no go decision to implement
        further in the second phase. The technology to be used will be defined
        at this stage. The third phase will consist of a pilot experiment on
        real sets of bibliographic data coming from the participating libraries.
        Key Issues: validate the use of UNIMARC as common format; automatic 
	filling of the reverse conversion tables; user-friendly tool with no 
	programming skills needed
        Impact: facilitates the interchange of bibliographic information
        between libraries 
	Results: software tool to convert MARC formats validation of UNIMARC as
 	common bibliographic format
POR   : Koninklijke Bibliotheek, PO Box 90407, 2509 LK, The Hague, NETH. (NL)
CPJ   : name:         NOORDERMEER, TRUDI
        tel:          +31-70-3140597, fax:          +31-70-3140424
PAR   : ORG   : Instituto da Biblioteca Nacional e do Livro, PORTUGAL (PT)
        ORG   : Die Deutsche Bibliothek, GERMANY (DE)
        ORG   : VNI Informatica & technologie, NETHERLANDS (NL)

TTL   : European SR-Z39.50 Gateway
OBJ   : This project aims to build and operate a pilot service through which
        users can access ANSI Z39.50 and ISO SR servers which provide on-line
        access to catalogues. UsersA requests will be handled over widely
        available data networks (e.g. public X.25, IXI and TCP/IP-based
        networks) using existing clients which incorporate the ANSI and ISO
        standards. Requests will also be processed via e- mail. The cost
        recovery element of providing the service will be investigated to
        evaluate the feasibility of offering a permanent service.
        The project will build as far as possible on the results of the Irish
        Telematique project, and on results elsewhere. Existing software
        packages will be integrated to deliver the desired service.
GEN   : The main technical issues to be explored are:
        evaluate the common set of features provided by the 2 standards
        establish a tool to allow current separate islands to communicate
        investigate the problems of a mixed OSI TCP/IP approach
        Impact: allow 2 currently isolated worlds to communicate with each
        other, plus an Email access to interactive services
        Results: a tool implementing a gateway between SR and Z39.50; network 
	nodes inter connecting OSI and TCP-IP applications for bibliographic
	access to catalogues; the embryo of a commercial service
POR   : Library Council of Ireland, 53-54 Upper Mount street, Dublin 2, IRE(IE)
CPJ   : name:         KELLY, ANNETTE
        tel:          +353-1-6761167, fax:          +353-1-6766721
PAR   : ORG   : Danmarks Tekniske Bibliotek, DENMARK (DK)
        ORG   : Conseio Superior de Investigationes Cientificias, SPAIN (ES)
        ORG   : An Chomhairle Leabharlanna, IRELAND (IE)

TTL   : Electronic Library SGML Applications
OBJ   : Tool boxes for interfacing such as: developing user interfaces,
        interfaces to electronically published materials; interfacing in a
        functionally integrated manner different application modules from
        different suppliers (Theme: 16)
        The project will produce a prototype end-user system supporting the
        delivery and manipulation of full text journal articles delivered from
        remote stores in SGML format. It will: develop a prototype client server 	system evaluate its use and potential for new library services;
        provide management and usage feedback to the supplier of the documents.
        With the moves towards electronic publication and distribution of
        documents, the traditional models of supply, distribution and use are
        being re-evaluated by publishers and users alike. This project will
        provide a test-bed for new services.
        The project will advance existing experience in libraries of working
        with downloaded documents by developing a prototype system which will
        allow access and manipulation of full-text articles while retaining
        their original form.
GEN   : The project will: research requirements of publisher and user, analyse 
	appropriate standards and software tools to develop a standards and 
	development profile for ELSA;
        install a UNIX server of SGML-formatted documents, with an appropriate
        retrieval engine;
        set up end-user devices for the retrieval and manipulation of document
        provide local facilities on the user's workstation to print, edit and
        create a local store of documents which can be stored and retrieved and
        integrated with the user's data.
        The main technical issues to be explored are:
        standards and use of appropriate DTDs
        integration into local systems and local document stores
        handling of non-textual & scientific data
        protocols for communications and delivery from server to printers and
        client viewer and its specifications
        Impact and expected results:
        The project will advance the development of electronic distribution of
        journals by developing appropriate tools and by providing a test-bed of
        services and usage, generating feedback to publishers and to libraries.
        The prototype end-user softwares will be made freely available, subject
        only to any licensing requirements for third-party products. The server
        software will be made available under license.
POR   : Jouve SI, 18 rue Saint Denis, 75001, PARIS, FRANCE (FR)
CPJ   : name:         LUPOVICI, C.
        tel:          +33-1-42331799, fax:          +33-1-44768600
PAR   : ORG   : Elsevier Science Publishers BV, NETHERLANDS (NL)
        ORG   : De Montfort University, UNITED KINGDOM (GB)

(n.b., also: document delivery and ocr/icr and scanned journals
delivery and library service for the handicapped and imaging and
hypertext and EDI etc. etc.: all current projects, some good a few bad
all interesting, and all European and therefore bound to be somewhat
instructively different from similar North American work.)

 	6 RTD-PUBLICATIONS : Publications from Community RTD activities
 	7 RTD-RESULTS      : Results and prototypes of Community RTD activities
 	8 RTD-PARTNERS     : Partners for Community RTD activities
	16 RTD-CONTACTS    : Contacts for Community RTD activities

5 : Databases or services in the language industry
6 : Databases or services in business and economy (incl. TED)
	("TED / Tenders Electronic Daily" -- the business side of all of this)
7 : Innovative projects
8 : Electronic mailbox
9 : On-line registration to obtain a personal password
	(a free password -- required for access to CORDIS and TED, etc. -- 
	is easily obtained here via an online application procedure)

North Americans, finally, might consider ECHO's / the Europeans'
efforts to organize all of this: multilingual access, collaborative
projects, organizing and moderating although immense bureaucracy -- if
the Internet ever is to "scale up" (or down) to international and
general public access, some of these aspects of the Europeans' approach
may have to be added, quickly.



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