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Dec 15, 1994 issue. This file presents an archive copy of the issue of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which was distributed via email on December 15, 1994. This particular issue originally was distributed in two parts, as indicated below.
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From: Jack Kessler 
Subject: French Libraries Online (Selected), and BNdF news (pt.1/3) (15 Dec 94)

FYIFrance: French Libraries Online (Selected), and BNdF news (pt.1/3)

Headnote #1: FYIFrance on BIBLIO - FR

This December 15, 1994 issue marks the debut of FYIFrance on the 
BIBLIO - FR e - conference, and thus an increased readership of several
hundred librarians and other information specialists who actually are
in France. This is an extra appeal to readers, then -- particularly to
those new readers who are in France -- to update the following list:
any corrections, additions, or deletions which might be suggested will
be gratefully received via email to  kessler@well.sf.ca.us .

Headnote #2: the Bibliothe`que Nationale de France -- latest news

"Les nouvelles" on the TGB/BDF/BNdF include (these from an official BNdF 
report, _Le site Tolbiac, 1994_, just released): 

1) there will be a "free access" collection of 4 - to - 500,000 volumes, 
which gradually will expand its store of microforms, digitized and 
audiovisual documents; 

2) there will be 3600 "reading places", of which 1556 in the "upper 
garden" will be for users of the "free access" collection, who must be 
over 18 or holders of a baccalaure'at degree, and 2034 in the "lower 
garden" will be "reserved for researchers" (no, I don't know who gets 
the 10 extra seats) -- the new premises are designed to accommodate 
3,600,000 visitors per year; 

3) the general collections are being reorganized (goodbye to the  
syste`me Cle'ment, although I'm told that the old "cotations" will be 
retained) into four sections: a) "sciences et techniques", b) 
"litte'rature et art", c) "science politiques, juridiques et 
e'conomiques", d) and, "philosophie, histoire, sciences de l'homme et de 
la socie'te'", and yes there do happen to be four towers in the 
building's design;

4) numerous meetings and exhibitions (a 1400 sq.m. exhibit center, and a 
meeting center with a 350 - seat auditorium, one 200 - seat room, and 
six 50 - seat rooms, plus "shops, cafe's and restaurants" will be 
provided), and the publication of special editions, are anticipated; 

5) hi - tech will be used for reader registration, advance reservation 
of reading places and of specific documents, both on - site and dial - 
in catalog consultation (7 million records), stack delivery (an 
"automatic document transport system" is being built, using 8 km. of 
rails and 150 collection sites), and computer - assisted workstations 
for digitized text and audiovisual documents; 

6) the formal association with various regional libraries will be 
continued (with 54 bibliothe`ques municipales and 31 bibliothe`ques 
universitaires), for ILL and general cooperation and for the 
creation of a French Union Catalog (13 million records); 

7) acquisitions are to be shared with several "associated" libraries: 
the BM Poitiers, the BU Strasbourg, the BM and BU and ENSSIB (national 
library school) in Lyon, the BU Grenoble, and three Paris libraries;

7) completion date for the building now is "Spring 1995"; 

8) moving the books, etc., now is expected to take 18 months, for an 
opening date of "Autumn / October, 1996". 

The collection at that date will contain: 400,000 volumes in the "free 
access" section (a note says this will expand to 850,000 "eventually"); 
10 million volumes in stacks; 350,000 periodicals titles (32,000 French 
current, 8,500 foreign current); 75,800 microfilms; 1 million 
microfiches; 100,000 digitized texts (30 million pages); 80,000 hours of 
animated images; 300,000 digitized fixed images; 650,000 "images coming 
from diverse banks of edited images" (? unsure myself what this means); 
and 600,000 hours of sound documents.

Fe'licitations, messieurs / mesdames de la BNdF, et bonne chance!

		French Libraries Online (Selected)

		As of: December 15, 1994

		France leads the world in significant increases in Internet 
		nodes this year (through July): 117%!

by: 	Jack Kessler


A) Libraries
	1) Minitel "kiosk" libraries
	2) Minitel "V23" Direct - Dial Libraries
	3) telnet (ie. from the Internet)
	4) WEBsites, Mosaic "home pages", etc.
	5) President's Report, Conseil Supe'rieur des Bibliothe`ques
B) Fulltext
	1) anonymous ftp sites
	2) gophers
	3) Fulltext archives
C) Discussion
	1) Electronic Conferences
	2) Usenet
	3) "Frognet"

A) Libraries
		1) Minitel "kiosk" Libraries. 

These now may be reached from nearly anywhere via Minitel. Minitel is
generally available in Europe. Free MAC or DOS diskettes for Minitel may 
be obtained in the US and Canada from voice telephone 800-MINITEL. (They 
will fax you a form.) Access policies do change from time to time. 
Access to all of this is very IN- expensive:

3615 BMLYON   	Bibliothe`que Municipale de Lyon 
3614 BMDIJON  	Bibliothe`que Municipale de Dijon 
3614 BIB      	Bibliothe`que Municipale de Grenoble 
3614 BIB38    	Grenoble, Bibliothe`que Municipale de
3614 BIB38 code ECH  Echirolles, Bibliothe`que Municipale de
3614 BIB38    	Pont de Claix, Bibliothe`que Municipale de
3614 MADOC    	Bibliothe`que Professionelle de France Te'le'com 
3614 MEDVIL   	Me'diathe`que, Cite' des Sciences et de l'Industrie
3614 NANCY    	Bibliothe`que Municipale de Nancy 
3614 VDP14    	Vide'othe`que de Paris 
3614 VINBIB   	Vincennes, Bibliothe`que Municipale de
3615 ABCDOC   	Archives, Bibliothe`ques, Centres de Documentation
3615 BIBNAT   	Bibliothe`que Nationale (info. -- no opac, yet)
3615 BMLIM    	Limoges, Bibliothe`que Municipale de
3615 BPI      	Bib. Publique d'Information (Centre Pompidou, Paris) 
3615 BRISE    	Bibliothe`ques de St. Etienne 
3615 DASTUM   	Photote`que Dastum, Breton culture 
3615 MARSEILLE 	Marseille, Bibliothe`que Municipale de
3615 MIRADOC  	Bibliothe`que Universite' de Metz 
3615 VDP15    	Vide'othe`que de Paris 
3617 BIUP     	Bibliothe`que Inter-Universitaire de Pharmacie
3617 CCN      	Catalogue Collectif National des Publications en
               	Se'rie (national union catalog project, serials)
3617 PANCA    	Pancatalogue (national union catalog project, books)

		2) Minitel "V23" Direct-Dial Libraries. 

The following French library services are among a quickly increasing
number which may be reached by a telephone call, either from a Minitel
which can do so (European terminals can, but North American Minitel
service distributed per the above cannot), or using a V23 modem,
available in European computer stores. French scholars will be pleased
to see a number of famous resources appearing here. Even cheese
connoisseurs will find something familiar. Public librarians everywhere
will be pleased to see some very tiny and obscure institutions
appearing here, and they might note the extraordinary breadth of the
French "Bibliothe`que Municipale" (not quite a "public" library, but
the closest thing) offerings online:		Ache`res, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Albertville, Bibliothe`que Municipale d'       	Amiens, Bibliothe`que d'	  	Angers, Bibliothe`que Municipale d'	  	Annemasse, Bibliothe`que Municipale d'	  	Annonay, Bibliothe`que Municipale d'       	Arles, Bibliothe`que Municipale d'	  	Avignon, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Bayonne, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Beauvais, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Be'thune, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Bonneuil sur Marne, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Bourg les Valence, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Bourgoin Jallieu, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Brest, Bibliothe`que Municipale de       	Caen, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Canejan, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Cannes, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Carbon Blanc, Bibliothe`que Municipale de 		Cestas, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Challans, Bibliothe`que Municipale de       	Chamonix, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Charenton le Pont, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Chateau Arnoux, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Chenove, Bibliothe`que Municipale de  	Chilly-Mazarin, Bibliothe`que de	  	Clamart, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Combs La Ville, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Commentry, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Concarneau, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Conflans Ste. Honorine, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	La Cre`che, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Digne, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Epinay sous Senart, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Epinay sur Orge, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Feyzin, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	La Fle`che, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Flers, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Gaillac, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Gap, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Grand Quevilly, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Gravelines, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Le Haillan, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Hendaye, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Herouville, Bibliothe`que Municipale de  	IRCAM, Institut de Recherche et Coordination
                 	Acoustique/Musique, Centre Pompidou, Paris 

(more -- to be continued in part 2/3)


From kessler@well.com Fri Oct 18 17:08:53 1996
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 11:18:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jack Kessler 
Subject: French Libraries Online (Selected), and BNdF news (pt.2/3) (15 Dec 94)

FYIFrance: French Libraries Online (Selected), and BNdF news (pt.2/3)

(continuation: French libraries which may be reached by Minitel/telephone)	  	Levallois, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Limours, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Livry Gargan, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Lode`ve, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Loudeac, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Ludres, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Meylan, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Mimizan, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Moirans, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Moissy Cramayel, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Molsheim, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Montfermeil, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Montigny en Gohelle, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Morlaix, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Neuville sur Sao^ne, Bibliothe`que Municipale de       	Niort, Bibliothe`que de	  	Nogent le Rotrou, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Olivet, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Oullins, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Plouzane, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Pontivy, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Pontoise, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Privas, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Ramonville St. Agne, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Reze', Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Ris Orangis, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Rive de Gier, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Romans sur Ise`re, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Rumilly, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Rungis, Bibliothe`que Municipale de       	Sallanches, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Salon de Provence, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	St. Cloud, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	St. Genis Laval, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	St. Jean de Braye, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	St. Junien, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	St. Lo^, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	St. Marcellin, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	St. Maurice l'Exil, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Ste. Genevie`ve des Bois, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Sceaux, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Tarare, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Tarbes, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Thouars, Bibliothe`que Municipale de       	Tourcoing, Me'diathe`que de	  	Vence, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Vendo^me, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Le Vesinet, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Villefranche sur Sao^ne, Bibliothe`que Municipale de	  	Viry Chatillon, Bibliothe`que Municipale de

		3) telnet (ie. from the Internet)

caen1.unicaen.fr 	Bibliothe`que Universitaire de Caen; username :
                	Bibliotheque or Library
FRMOP22.CNUSC.FR 	Centre National Universitaire Sud de Calcul,
		   	Montpellier, provides access to PANCATALOGUE and
		   	SIBIL and numerous other French services, account
		   	required (fax, in French, to 67-52-37-63, at
		   	Montpellier); also available via Minitel (see above)
		   	or French Transpac #134022271494 (account required)
IFBIBLI.GRENET.FR	Instit. Fourier, St.Martin d'Hye`res, login  bib 
LIMVX4.UNILIM.FR	Universite' de LIMOGES, user id: GRACE
STROPH.UNIV-ST-ETIENNE.FR  Universite' de St. Etienne; Username: brise; 
		   	At %PAD-I-COM, enter 
CRISV2.UNIV-PAU.FR Universite' de Pau; login: grace
FRPOLY11.POLYTECHNIQUE.FR  Ecole Polytechnique, Paris: at userid screen 
		   	hit   , type DIAL VTAM  , at Menu des
		   	Applications screen type  DIAL VTAM. (tn3270 only).
FTP.IRCAM.FR 	Ircam-CNRS library catalog -- login: libquery -- to 
		   	switch to english, type: l=e

		4) WEBsites -- W3, WWW, Mosaic "home pages", etc.

http://web.urec.fr/cgi-bin/list: an authoritative - looking list of 
French W3 servers, current count totals many dozens, including lots of 
pure scientists and hi - tech researchers and private firms and 
universities, and the capacity to find servers using maps, and:

http://solcidsp.grenet.fr:8001: Banque de Donne'es Socio - Politiques 
-- French representative of the CESSDA / Council of European Social 
Sciences Data Archives and the ICPSR / Inter - university Consortium for 
Political and Social Research;

http://web.citi2.fr: Centre Interuniversitaire de traitement de 
l'Information -- U.Rene' Descartes, Paris;

http://www.cnam.fr: Conservatoire National des Arts et Me'tiers, Paris;

http://dodge.grenet.fr:8001: Catalogues Collectifs nationaux des 
bibliothe`ques du CNRS - SHS, Grenoble;

http://w3.cnusc.fr: Centre National Universitaire Sud de Calcul, 
Montpellier, including access to the SIBIL catalog (550,000 French, 1.3 
million Swiss, bibliographic records), and in theory the Pancatalogue 
(the Pancatalogue link didn't work when I tried it);

http://web.cr-aquitaine.fr: Conseil Re'gional d'Aquitaine - Bordeaux;

http://www.univ-rennes1.fr: U.de Rennes 1, includes many well - 
presented and well - organized resources, including the archives of the 
BIBLIO - FR e - conference;

http://web.culture.fr: Ministe`re de la culture et de la francophonie, 

http://dmf.culture.fr: Direction des Muse'es de France;

http://www.ecp.fr: Ecole Centrale, Paris;

http://www.ens-lyon.fr: Ecole Normale Supe'rieure de Lyon;

http://www.ens.fr: Ecole Normale Supe'rieure de Paris;

http://www.ensmp.fr: Ec.Nat.Sup.des Mines de Paris;

http://web.enst.fr: Ec.Nat.Sup.des Te'le'communications, Paris;

http://ophale.icp.grenet.fr: ESCA / European Speech Communication Assoc;

http://www-gams.cnrs-mrs.fr: Ecole d'Architecture de Marseille - Luminy;

http://gtl.georgiatech-metz.fr: "Georgia Tech Lorraine" (truly one of 
the great W3 / WEBsite / URLs so far, n'est-ce pas y'all?);

http://cristal.icp.grenet.fr:8080: ICP / Institut de la Communication 
Parle'e, Grenoble;

http://iep.univ-lyon2.fr: IEP / Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Lyon;

http://www.ina.fr: INA / Inst.Nat.de l'Audiovisuel, Bry - sur - Marne;

http://www.inist.fr: INIST - CNRS / Institut de l'Information 
Scientifique et Technique, Vandoeuvre - les - Nancy;

http://zenon.inria.fr:8003: INRIA / Insitut National de Recherche en 
Informatique et Automatique;

http://www.ircam.fr: IRCAM / Institut de Recherche et Coordination 
Acoustique / Musique, Paris;

http://www.lirmm.fr: LIRMM / Labo. d'Informatique, de Robotique, de 
Micro - e'lectronique de Montpellier;

http://info.msha.u-bordeaux.fr:8001: Maison des Sciences de l'Homme 
d'Aquitaine - Bordeaux;

http://www.urec.fr/Renater: Reseau NAtional de Te'le'communications pour 
la Technologie, l'Enseignemenet et la Recherche, Paris;

http://www.grenet.fr/anteserveur: REDOC / Reseau Documentaire de 
Grenoble -- acces aux bibliothe`ques / catalogues / documents 

http://web.univ-orleans.fr: U.d'Orle'ans, including "Les chateaux de la 

http://ehess.cnrs-mrs.fr: Centre de la Vielle Charite' -- Muse'es, etc.;

http://mistral.enst.fr: WebLouvre -- including "peintures ce'lebre's, 
mini - expo sur l'art medie'val, mini - visite de Paris".

As with the Internet generally, it is nearly impossible to keep up with 
the phenomenal growth of French online resources. The Minitel's own 
"Guide de Services" now lists nearly 20,000 services, while published 
accounts claim more than 25,000 currently in operation; and these 
numbers don't begin to account for the many online services which rely 
on the omnipresent Minitel "boxes" found throughout France -- and 
Minitel "V23" norm emulation software now found throughout France and 
increasingly elsewhere -- to act as simple terminals for their 
connections. Many new library services (see the list at item 2), above), 
use this latter function -- un-tabulated and un-indexed -- so that until 
libraries go into the marketing business no one really knows how many 
online French library services there are.

		5) President's Report, CSB

			a) complete printed text, in French:

_Rapport du Pre'sident (Michel Melot) Pour L'Anne'e 1993_ (Paris : 
Association du Conseil Supe'rieur des Bibliothe`ques, 1994). ISSN 1157-
360. 128 pages. Available from: Association du Conseil Supe'rieur des 
Bibliothe`ques, Palais Garnier, 8 rue Scribe, 75009 Paris.

			b) complete electronic text, in French:

1) Par ftp anonyme:  ftp.grenet.fr
2) Par gopher: gopher.grenet.fr rubrique "OPAC" puis "rapport du CSB"
3) Par mosaic par l'URL file://ftp.grenet.fr/pub/doc/csb.ps (ou csb.txt)
4) Par mosaic a travers la page du "reseau documentaire de grenoble" 
dont l'URL est http://www.grenet.fr/anteserveur/anteserveur.html

			c) portions have been translated into English: 

Published in _FYI France_ archived at (gopher)  infolib.berkeley.edu  72  
or  well.sf.ca.us , and in the PACS (PACS-L electronic conference) 
archive found via telnet to  a.cni.org ,  login  brsuser  (April 15 and 
May 15, 1994, issues of _FYI France_).

(more -- to be continued in part 3/3)


From kessler@well.com Fri Oct 18 17:10:00 1996
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 11:18:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jack Kessler 
Subject: French Libraries Online (Selected), and BNdF news (pt.3/3) (15 Dec 94)

FYIFrance: French Libraries Online (Selected), and BNdF news (pt.3/3)

(continuation: French Libraries Online, December 15, 1994)

B) Fulltext

Fulltext French may be reached and read online now, in addition to the
bibliographic citations and pointers traditionally offered by online
libraries. A small selection of what is available in materials of
interest to French scholars follows:

		1) anonymous ftp sites (online text archives)

ftp.inria.fr    	INRIA/Inst.Nat.de Rech.en Informatique et Automatique
zenon.inria.fr  	INRIA in Sophia Antipolis
ftp.cicb.fr     	Univ. Rennes1 ("gopher" in French!)
ftp.sunet.se    	/pub/etext/ota/french// contains Molie`re's _Don Juan_
                	fulltext (Oxford Text Archive version) and Queneau's 
			_Exercices du style_ fulltext (OTA version)
epas.utoronto.ca /pub/cch/french// contains Molie`re's _Don Juan_
                	fulltext (Oxford Text Archive version) and a French
                	wordlist in ascii
ftp.cnam.fr     	"Association des Bibliophiles Universels" files,
                	including fulltext (sgml marked - up?) of texts by St.
                	Augustine, Plutarch, Jules Verne, Th. Moreux, and E.
                	Dubreucq, and other things relevant to fulltext.
ftp.ircam.fr    	IRCAM / Institut de Recherche et Coordination
                	Acoustique/Musique, Centre Pompidou, Paris
ftp.ens.fr      	Ecole Normale Supe'rieure

		2) gophers (interactive index plus archiving)

CIRIL Centre Interuniv.de Ressources Informatiques de Lorraine (Nancy) 
CITI Centre Interuniv.de Traitement de l'Information (Lille) 
Cite' Colle'giale (Ontario, Canada) 
CITI2 Universite Rene Descartes (Paris) 
CNUSC Centre National Univ.Sud de Calcul (Montpellier) 
CRIHAN Centre de Ressources Informatiques de Haute-Normandie (Rouen) 
EMBNET Bioinformation Resource  (not strictly 
	a "non - hi - tech - scientific" resource, but one possessing
	one of the better tongue - in - cheek electronic addresses)
ENST Ec.Nat.Sup.des Te'le'communications (Paris) 
Ecole Normale Supe'rieure (Paris) 
Ecole Polytechnique Fe'de'rale de Lausanne (Suisse) 
French Embassy, Washington D.C. 
Genethon (Human Genome Research Center, Paris) 
Institut d'Etudes Politiques (Lyon) 
IMAG Institut d'Informatique et de Mathe'matiques Applique'es de 
INRIA Inst.Nat.de la Rech.en Informatique et Automatique 
INRIA/inria-graphlib : a Computer Graphics service of INRIA 
Institut Pasteur (Paris) 
IRISA Institut de Recherche en Informatique et Syste`mes Ale'atoires 
Ministe`re de la culture et de la francophonie (St. Quentin en Yvelines) 
UREC Unite' Reseaux du CNRS (Paris)  (the CNRS' network)
USHS Univ. des Sciences Humaines de Strasbourg) 
Univ.Jean Monnet, CIT (St-Etienne) 
Univ.Jean Monnet, CRITeR (St-Etienne) 
Univ.de Lyon I 
Univ.de Nice - Sophia Antipolis 
Univ.de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour 
Univ.de Rennes I 
Univ.de Savoie (Chambe'ry) 
Univ.de Valenciennes 
Univ.s P. & M. Curie - D. Diderot (Paris) 
Univ.de Montreal, Litte'ratures (Que'bec, Canada) 
	relatively recent effort to establish a truly comprehensive gopher 
	devoted to online humanities resources in French. It has an 
	ambitious structure, not yet filled, but at least a promising 
	effort to follow for anyone interested in online humanities.)
gopher.grenet.fr -- Grenoble - net, maintained at the CICG / Centre 	 
	Interuniversitaire de Calcul de Grenoble, which gives you a
	software package entitled "G.R.A.C.E (Gestion du Reseau 	 
	Automatise' de Catalogues En-ligne)", and a "help" feature 	  
	wonderfully - entitled, for a "help" feature, "B.I.P.E.D. 	 
	(Bulletin d'Information Pour Etudiants en De'tresse)". See 
	particularly the following, in path 8.Catalogues de 		
	Bibliothe`ques (OPAC) et Autres Serveurs Documentaire../: 	
	1.Catalogues des Bibliothe`ques de la Region Grenobloise/, 	
	and 2.Catalogues des Bibliothe`ques Franc,aises/		

		3) Fulltext archives

There are many interesting and frustrating issues associated with
fulltext archiving, among them issues of copyright, democratic access
to texts, and markup. This last currently is the most controversial
fulltext issue on the nets: archives exist which have no markup
whatsoever -- volunteer contributors merely type in the texts -- and
there are archives with full SGML / Standard Generalized Markup
Language encoding -- enabling textual analyses which some never will
use but which is indispensable to others. Proponents of both approaches
are fierce in their advocacy, and they fight a lot online.

Online fulltext appears to be an inevitable trend, however, whatever
are to be the niceties which accompany it eventually. (There is talk of
texts presented with more than just SGML, after all:  multimedia, and
"interactive text", using techniques like Internet Relay Chat and
Virtual Reality -- people now are working on a VRML / Virtual Reality 
Markup Language -- are waiting in the wings.) The trend is propelled by
both the increasing popularity of the networks, and the increasingly
untenable finances of the print publishing industry. One way or
another, print publishing quickly, albeit reluctantly, is "going online".

			a) The Oxford Text Archive

One of the largest and most rigorous online fulltext general archives 
still is the Oxford Text Archive, assembled and maintained at that 
university's computing center by Lou Bernard. At the moment the OTA 
contains over 50 French fulltexts, from Sartre to Froissart to the 
Chanson de Roland. References to the OTA, with its informational files, 
may be found online easily at several sites using gopher's veronica 
index, and OTA holdings are cataloged on the online bibliographic 
service RLIN. The OTA ftp archive adress is  ota.ox.ac.uk .

			b) Georgetown

A comprehensive effort to keep track of the many thousands of local 
online fulltext projects currently being pursued on isolated computers 
all over the world is that of Georgetown University's CPET / Catalog of 
Projects in Electronic Text. There are many gopher references to CPET. 
The CPET telnet address is  guvax3.acc.georgetown.edu  , login  CPET .


FRANTEXT is an online database of 3241 texts, taken from 2330 works of
French literature dating from the 16th century, including a large
group of non - literary works from the 19th and 20th centuries. The
corpus was assembled for the purpose of compiling word - occurrences --
there are 183 million of them -- for French dictionary research.

The database is administered by the Tre'sor Ge'ne'ral des Langues et
Parlers Franc,ais, 27, r.Damesme, 75013 Paris, telephone or
Mme. Evelyne Martin at, fax This is a division
of the INALF, the Institut National de la Langue Franc,aise, a unit of
the CNRS. The FRANTEXT database software is STELLA -- Syste`me de
Textes En Ligne en Libre Acce`s -- and has its critics and defenders.
An enthusiastic proponent of STELLA - searching may be found in:

Jacques Lemarignier, "Le point de vue d'un interrogateur sur FRANTEXT:
FRANTEXT a` la Bibliothe`que Publique d'Information", in _Les banques
de donne'es litte'raires, comparatistes et francophones_, edited by
Alain Vuillemin, Limoges: Presses de l'Universite' de Limoges et du
Limousin, 1993, ISBN 2910016-17-X.

			d) ARTFL

In North America, FRANTEXT is available -- with an entirely different 
interface and "PhiloLogic" client software -- under the name of "ARTFL / 
project for American and french Research on the treasury of the French 
Lanuguage". ARTFL offers many new and exciting things as part of its 
joint U.of Chicago / CNRS effort, including online analytical tools, and 
databases of: Provenc,al poetry, Segond's French and other Multilingual 
Bibles, and Jean Nicot's _Thresor de la langue franc,aise_ (1606). 
Imaging experiments are under way to mount: Diderot's _Encyclope'die_, 9 
editions of the _Dictionnaire de l'Acade'mie Franc,aise_, Montaigne (and 
Dante) editions and variants, the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, and the Plan 
Turgot (1739). See Mark Olson, director: email  mark@gide.uchicago.edu, 
telephone  312-702-8488. ARTFL is at  http://tuna.uchicago.edu  or  
gopher://uchicago.edu/11/uscholarly/artfland .

C) Discussion

The best -- most manageable, disciplined, up - to - date -- method for
getting and staying current with French networking is to subscribe to a
good "e-conference". Normally this will gain you a dozen e-mail
messages per week on a subject of your interest, and a whole list of
international correspondents with whom you can discuss issues and of
whom you very usefully can ask questions.

		1) Electronic Conferences

In most cases, an e-mail message to the address shown, saying, exactly:


will obtain a subscription. Subscriptions are free.

ADBS-INFO	"Association Franc,aise des Documentalistes et 
		Bibliothe'caires Specialise's"; subscribe to  adbs-info-
		request@univ-rennes1.fr ; for ADBS members, un - moderated. 
BALZAC-L 	"French literature and culture"; subscribe to balzac-l-
		request@cc.umontreal.ca; French/English; 250 subscribers.
BIBLIO-FR  	"Bibliothe'caires Franc,ais"; subscribe to biblio-fr-
           	request@univ-rennes1.fr; in French; 400 subscribers, 
		archive: gopher.univ-rennes1.fr, http://www.univ-rennes1.fr.
FRANCEHS   	"List for French history scholars"; 275 subscribers; 	
		subscribe to francehs-request@uwavm.bitnet or
           	listserv@uwavm.u.washington.edu; in French and English.

There are others. The most useful tool for locating professional online 
discussion of a particular topic is the list maintained by Diane Kovacs, 
of Scholarly Electronic Conferences (there are many thousands more which 
are un - scholarly -- Ms. Kovacs and her team perform an invaluable 
filtering service). The Kovacs list, now on its 8th edition (1994),
is available in many places online. Most usefully here, it is 
available from the University of Caen -- telnet caen1.unicaen.fr  login  
bibliotheque  -- complete with a French interface and keyword searching 
by subject (in English), title, and moderator's name. 
		2) Usenet

Usenet groups I personally do _not_ recommend, although it is good to 
know that they exist. My problem is the lack of editorial control on 
Usenet, and my own busy schedule and impatience. It is important to 
realize, though, that France and the French have a Usenet presence.

The following is from a March 1993 general online announcement, from  
Christophe.Wolfhugel@grasp.insa-lyon.fr , who should be consulted for 
more information: "...send a note to 'fr-news-distribution@grasp1.univ-
lyon1.fr', preferably in french indicating you are searching for a feed. 
Messages arriving to this address will be sent to the fr.news. 
distribution newsgroup as well as to the peer mailing-list. To subscribe 
to the mailing-list send the command "sub fr-news-distribution First 
Lastname" to the address . More 
information, as well as an INN groups creation script can be retrieved 
by anonymous ftp to grasp1.univ-lyon1.fr in pub/faq/fr.If you don't have 
ftp access, ftpmail@grasp1.univ-lyon1.fr will furnish the same service."

		3) "Frognet"

This nicely - named resource is a selection of daily Agence France 
Presse wire postings, usefully assembled and posted online by a group 
affiliated with the French Embassy in Washington. If you don't have the 
patience to wade through daily reports of agricultural production 
statistics and Olympique de Marseilles football scores along with other 
news, you can avoid this by downloading the postings, either to a word 
processor on an Internet account or to a pc / laptop, and then using the 
word processor's "string search" capacity to look for material of 
interest to you. Those with accounts on The WELL -- voice telephone 
(USA) 415 - 332 - 4335 -- can take advantage of an even more useful 
presentation of Frognet in the "france" conference there.

The original announcement of the "Frognet" service:
"En mars 1992, a l'initiative de la Mission Scientifique de l'Ambassade 
de France a Washington et avec la collaboration du Service de Presse et 
d'Information, se creait FROGNET. FROGNET permet aujourd'hui a tout
titulaire d'une adresse electronique de recevoir gratuitement une revue
de presse quotidienne en francais et une fois tous les 15 jours "News
from France", bulletin d'information en langue anglaise. Pour les
personnes residant en France, seul News from France est accessible pour
des raisons de copyright." Applications are obtained by e-mail request



FYI France (sm)(tm) e - newsletter        ISSN 1071 - 5916

      |           FYI France (sm)(tm) is a monthly electronic newsletter,
      |           published since 1992 as a small - scale, personal,
      |           experiment, in the creation of large - scale
      |           "information overload", by Jack Kessler. Any material
     / \          written by me which appears in FYI France may be
    -----         copied and used by anyone for any good purpose, so
   //   \\        long as, a) they give me credit and show my e - mail
  ---------       address and, b) it isn't going to make them money: if
 //       \\      if it is going to make them money, they must get my
                  permission in advance, and share some of the money
which they get with me. Use of material written by others requires their
permission. FYI France archives are at  http://infolib.berkeley.edu
(search for FYIFrance), or via gopher to  infolib.berkeley.edu 72
(path: 3. Electronic Journals (Library-Oriented)/ 6. FYIFrance/ , or
http://www.univ-rennes1.fr/LISTES/biblio-fr@univ-rennes1.fr/ (BIBLIO-FR
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