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Sep 15, 1994 issue. This file presents an archive copy of the issue of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which was distributed via email on September 15, 1994. This particular issue originally was distributed in two parts, as indicated below.
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From: Jack Kessler 
Subject: France discovers the Internet discovers France (15 Sep 94)

FYI France: France discovers the Internet discovers France

There appears to be continuing interest in connecting to the Internet
from within France, and in getting Internet e - mail over to French
users. There also have been some new access developments. The following
summarizes the possibilities of which I am aware to date. If others
could correct or supplement what follows I would be very grateful: no
endorsements are implied of any of it by me, or even confirmation that it
works -- just offering information, and strong encouragement to try it.

The French still are bringing some of us all the excitement of next
year's on - schedule move of one of the world's largest libraries, and
all of us all the excitement of the only place where real "general
public" information networking already is under way: good folks to stay
in touch with.

1) The Internet on the Minitel

The easiest Internet connection at the French end, although not
necessarily the cheapest, is via the French national videotex system,
the Minitel. The basic advantage is due to Minitel's possession of what
I'll call my six "XeroxPARC" criteria: Minitel is, i) ubiquitous, ii)
invisible, iii) multi - lingual, iv) cheap, v) simple, and vi) useful,
all of which the Internet, even in the US, is not, yet. I myself know
of five public Minitel services which currently may be used by anyone
in France at least to receive and send Internet e - mail, and the last
of the four does much more. In each case the French user gets an
Internet address -- i.e.,  xyz@internet.fr  or  xyz@altern.fr , etc. --
to which e - mail may be sent. The franc currently is about 5.3 per
dollar, so these services range from US 24 to 42 cents per minute cost
to the user in France:

a) 3615 INTERNET (e - mail only)

 Tarif TTC       0.12 F per connection plus 2.19 F/min. 
 M. Valentin Lacambre
 29, rue de Cotte
 75012 Paris
 (1) 42 79 81 38

b) 3615 FRANCENET (new?, looks like full service Internet)

 Tarif TTC       0.12 F per connection plus 1.27 F/min.

 Mme Isabelle Haladjian
 49, rue du Faubourg Poissonniere
 75009 Paris
 (1) 48 24 39 55
 audiotel: 36 70 75 24 
 fax : + 33 (1) 47 83 92 17
 e - mail: info@FranceNet.fr

c) 3616 ALTERN (e - mail only)

 Tarif TTC       0.12 F per connection plus 1.27 F/min. 

(Management same as 3615 INTERNET. I see no difference between this
service and the much more expensive 3615 INTERNET. I was told that this
one was to be discontinued but it seems still to be functioning.)

d) 3617 EMAIL (e - mail only plus Usenet and their own bulletin board)

 Tarif TTC       0.12 F per connection plus 2.19 F/min.

 M. Jean-Rene Vidaud
 22 grande rue
 92310 Sevres
 (1) 46 26 15 10

e) 3619 USNET (EVERYTHING -- this is Delphi!)

 Tarif TTC       0.12 F per connection plus 2.19 F/min.

 M. Jean-Pierre Casara
 888 Seventh Avenue
 28th Floor
 10106 New York
 (1) 46 94 62 66
 1 - 800 - MINITEL

2) The Internet on the Internet

An entire new wave of Internet service providers is cropping up in
France now, though: providers who do not bother to take advantage of
the national Minitel system. This appears to be straight commercial
Internet access of the type offered in the US by The WELL, Netcom, AOL,
and similar. A good Internet summary appears -- in the language of La
Fontaine, malheureusement for non - francophones -- at:


These commercial possibilities now include:

a) Calvacom / Calvanet (beginning August 1, 1994, complete Internet
access, servers at Ve'lizy near Paris and in Lyon)

	Tarif TTC	100 F per hour (= 1.67 F/min.)

	175 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
	92138 Issy-les-Moulineaux
	Tel. : +33 (1) 41 08 11 00

b) FDN / French Data Network (beginning September, 1994, e - mail plus
bbs, server at Paris)

	Tarif TTC       180 F "per month for 10 hours of connect -
	time" (= 18 F per hour = .30 F/min., which seems too low, and
	I don't understand the "per month" charge, myself), also,
	Tarif TTC        50 F "per month for 5 hours of connect - time
	for students" 
	access (I suppose this is their modem): (1)

c) Fnet / EUnet (Paris) (server at Rocquencourt)

	"Utopia" service (email only):

	Tarif TTC       237.20 F for 5 hours minimum per month (= .80
	F/min. maximum, and much cheaper if you use it a lot)
	modem (?): (1)

	Acce`s complet (full service):

	Tarif TTC       574.40 F for 5 hours mimum per month (= 1.92
	F/min. maximum, and much cheaper if you use it a lot)

	Association Fnet, Branche Franc,aise du Reseau EUNET 
	52, avenue de la Grande Armee 
	75017 Paris 
	Tel. : +33 (1) 53 81 60 99 
	Fax : +33 (1) 45 74 52 79

d) France-Te'le'com et Transpac

The French telephone company apparently is offering, as of July of
1994, a full service commercial Internet access of its own -- RAIN
(Reseau d'Acces a l'INternet) -- which functions at 9,600 to 19,200
bps. (Remember that their national isdn service, Nume'ris -- 64,000bps
-- already is available for 300 F per month, and should apply both to
this service and to videotex / Minitel by the end of 1994.)

	Tour Montparnasse
	33, avenue du Maine B13
	75755 Paris Cedex 15
	Tel.: +33 (1) 45 38 88 88
	Fax : +33 (1) 45 38 71 47

	Speicifically for the service RAIN :

	Antoine Gilles 
	Tel.: +33 (1) 45 38 88 67
	Fax : +33 (1) 45 38 88 50

e) INTERNET-WAY (a new private firm, apparently interested in providing 
connectivity for companies, particularly French PME and PMI)

	204, Bd Bineau
	92200 NEUILLY sur Seine
	fax 47 22 03 09
	tel 46 41 03 32

f) Oleane (private firm, "member of 'PIPEX'"?)

	35, Boulevard de la Liberation 
	94300 Vincennes 
	Tel: +33 (1) 43 28 32 32 
	Fax: +33 (1) 43 28 46 21 
	info@oleane.net (no answer)
	WEB server (which I haven't been able to locate, yet)

g) SCT / World - Net (another private firm)

	20, avenue Daguerre
	77500 Chelles
	Tel. +33 (1) 60 20 85 14
	Fax +33 (1) 64 21 65 35

3) RENATER, and the Internet explosion a` la franc,aise

There is, finally, a rapidly - growing plant of academic, government,
and corporate Internet use in France, just as there has been in the US
and elsewhere. The French, in fact, appear to have pulled into some
sort of lead:

Internet Hosts as of July, 1994:

	   No.of 	Change from 	GNP per
	   Hosts	Jan., 1994	 Host

France	   71,899	   117%		15.30
Germany	  149,193	    51% 	10.03
Canada    127,516	    48%		 4.26
UK 	  155,706	    37%		 5.93
US	2,044,401	    38%		 2.79

(This from Mark Lottor's increasingly - invaluable Internet surveys,
now available to all easily from his Network Wizards, Menlo Park firm
at http://www.nw.com  or  ftp nw.com  . His directories contain figures
for all countries, and include these hopefully controversy - provoking
calculations of a country's GNP per Internet host.)

Where are those 71,899 Internet hosts in France? The Minitel and
commercial possibilities mentioned above obviously account for a small
number, as most of them just are beginning. For those of you frustrated
in the past in your attempts to find "Internet e - mail accounts" in
France, be assured that they exist, and have for some time: they're
just well - hidden. One of the not so well - hidden possibilities:

RENATER -- the French academic and research establishment's entre'e to
the Internet, under planning for some time and really only put into
operation this year. The goal is to have Internet access available on
every higher education campus and research unit in France by the end of
1994, sort of the French JANET or NREN.

	4, place Jussieu. Batiment A. 7 eme etage
	75252 PARIS CEDEX 05
	Tel. +33 (1} 44 27 26 12
	Fax +33 (1) 44 27 26 13
	CIC (Cellule Information et Coordination): Tel. 16-1 4427 7335

It is said that there is a Web server for RENATER, but I've not
been able to find it yet myself. For researchers affiliated with the
CNRS, or wishing to reach those who are:

	4, place Jussieu. Tour 55-65. 1er etage
	75252 PARIS CEDEX 05
	Tel. +33 (1) 44 27 42 60
	Fax +33 (1) 44 27 42 61

The French fascinate, as always. That 117% Internet hosts increase
figure in Mark Lottor's growth statistics is all the more interesting
for a traditionally - conservative country already committed to its
own, different, national information infrastructure, and impeded by
significant cultural barriers against the use of American English.
International marketers take note.

The RENATER program promises to bring the beauties of tcp/ip to the
entire French higher education establishment, soon. French CNRS
research centers already are mostly Internet - networked, and even
government ministries are as well (the French minister of culture --
the one who promoted the recent law banning the use of English -- is
toubon@culture.fr  ). French corporate networking increases. French
publishing and commercial applications, already heavily online on the
Minitel, can't be far behind. The US has no monopoly on Internet
growth, or on the useful development of the networking which it has


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