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Jul 15, 1993 issue. This file presents an archive copy of the issue of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which was distributed via email on July 15, 1993. This particular issue originally was distributed in two parts, as indicated below.
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Versions of the following have appeared online regularly, since 1992, as a feature of the FYI France enewsletter, ISSN 1071-5916, which is distributed for free via email every month except August. Enewsletter subscriptions may be obtained via email request to: kessler@well.sf.ca.us .

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From: Jack Kessler 
Subject: e - mail to / from France, BdF news (15 Jul 93)

July 15, 1993

		FYIFrance: e - mail to / from France, BdF news

by:	Jack Kessler

1) e-mail to/from France via Internet & Minitel!
2) entire _BBF_ issue devoted to the Bibliothe`que de France.
3) Internet Town Hall, July 26, maybe: US Congress online for a day,
and help is needed.


1) e-mail to/from France via Internet & Minitel!

For those of you who have asked about Internet-compatible e-mail
to/from France -- for colleagues, friends and relatives there, or for
your upcoming trip -- and for those of you interested in whether the
Internet or Minitel is the more flexible:

The following two publicly-available and inexpensive Minitel services
now offer Internet e-mail, and USENET and other things. Both,
interestingly, have the capacity to offer ftp and telnet but neither
has done so: one is "thinking about it" (and about IRC / Internet Relay
Chat), and the other is avoiding the issue, fearing various
system-overload fears -- letters/e-mail to both might encourage them to
open up to these latter services. (Merci to Jean-Louis Duclos for
showing me ALTERN.)

>From any Minitel, in France (any office or home, nearly any small rural
post office, any omnipresent France Telecom office), or elsewhere (free
MAC or DOS diskettes for Minitel -- some downloading capacity now is
available -- may be obtained in the US and Canada from voice telephones
914-694-6266, 914-399-0800):

a) 3616 ALTERN                            
 Tarif TTC       F/min  serveur  te'le'com
 0.12 F           1.27     0.88     0.39
  la connexion      

(tr: US 22 cents/min. at current exchange rates for prime time: as low
as US 6 cents/min. in off-peak hours. ALTERN will be 3615 INTERNET as
well, shortly.)
 "Re'seau international Internet :  - courrier e'lectronique.  -
 participation aux groupes de discussion the'matique.

(tr: e-mail and USENET.jk.)

	 Vous allez acceder au reseau mondial internet.
Depuis quinze ans, le reseau internet relie les machines a travers le
monde, pour representer aujourd'hui 500000 machines et vingt millions
d'utilisateurs. Chaque utilisateur a un nom, de meme que vous venez de
choisir le votre, et une adresse constituee de son nom et du nom de son
ordinateur hote, comme si l'on disait 'bertrand, qui habite a
marseille'. En langage internet, 'qui habite a'  se dit  '@' ; les
machines sont incorrigibles! Apres cette page d'explication, vous allez
acceder a 'elm' , le gestionnaire de courrier, qui vous permet
d'emettre et de recevoir du courrier du monde entier. A partir du
gestionnaire de courrier, vous pourrez acceder a 'tin', le gestionnaire
d'informations periodiques, pour lire et d'emettre des articles
d'information repartis en 600 groupes thematiques.

Ce service requiert un minitel bistandard (ceux avec les touches 'Ctrl'
et 'Fnct') (tr: don't use the very oldest Minitels.jk.)

(For this service, @altern.com is the user's e-mail address.jk.)

b) 3617 EMAIL                             
 Tarif TTC       F/min  serveur  te'le'com
 0.12 F           2.19     1.71     0.48
  la connexion    
(tr: US 38 cents/min. at current exchange rates for prime time, vs.
3616 ALTERN's US 22 cents: again as low as US 6 cents/min. in off-peak

Connexion au re'seau mondial d'ordinateur Usenet ; messagerie,
confe'rences ; te'le'chargement PC, Atari, Amiga, Unix ; jeux d'arcade.

              ** EMAIL **               

   1    l'Email et les News USENET      
   4    Le Te'le'chargement
   5    Les jeux d'arcade               
   6    La banque de cre'ditels          

		 E M A I L  -  U S E N E T  -  I N T E R N E T
Ce   serveur   minitel   vous   permet  This minitel server allows you to  use 
d'utiliser plusieurs des services  qui  several   services   available  on  the 
sont disponibles sur le reseau mondial  worldwide computer network, which  is   
d'ordinateurs  qui  porte  le  nom  de  called USENET.    So, now, you are able 
USENET. Vous   allez   donc    pouvoir  to receive or to  send  messages  to  a 
recevoir ou envoyer des messages a des  great  number  of  users (hundreds!) on 
millions de personnes qui sont dans ce  this network.                           
reseau. De meme quelques centaines de                                           
conferences  sur  de  nombreux  sujets  There   is   also   few   hundreds   of 
sont  a  votre  disposition  afin   de  conferences with many topics where  you 
resoudre  vos problemes, d'exposer vos  can  explain  your problem, solution or 
solutions ou simplement vous informer.  just read information.                  
--------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- 
ATTENTION:  les  applications  et  a    WARNING:  The  applications   and   the 
pluparts    des   messages   sont   en  majority  of  messages  are  written in 
anglais/americain.                      English/American.                       
--------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- 
(For this service, @email.teaser.com is the user's e-mail address.jk.)

2) entire BBF issue devoted to the Bibliothe`que de France

The latest issue of _BBF/Bulletin des Bibliothe`ques de France_ (tome
38, no.3, 1993, ISSN 0006-2006) is devoted entirely to a progress
report on the giant library project at Tolbiac: how to move, and
improve access to (?), 10 million books, and then some... Articles include:

"Le chantier conversion re'trospective de la Bibliothe`que Nationale /
The retrospective conversion of files and catalogues at the
Bibliothe`que nationale", by Marcelle Beaudiquez

"Le re'colement a` mi-parcours / The Inventory half course", by Anne

"Chantier et politique d'acquisition de la Bibliothe`que nationale /
The acquisition chantier and policy at the Bibliothe`que nationale", by
Nicole Simon

"Le chantier de'me'nagement du de'partement de la Phonothe`que et de
l'audiovisuel / The working of the removal in the Record and
audiovisual department", by Marie- Franc,oise Calas

"Politique d'acquisition des documents audiovisuels a` la Bibliothe`que
de France / Acquisition policy of the audiovisual documents at the
Bibliothe`que de France", by Marie-Christine Wellhoff

"Projet d'enrichissement pour le catalogue de la Bibliothe`que de
France / Plan to enrich the catalogue of the Bibliothe`que de France",
by Isabelle Boudet and Thierry Cloarec

"Le programme de nume'risation de la Bibliothe`que de France / The
programme digitalization at the Bibliothe`que de France", by Michel Richard

"De la Bibliothe`que nationale a` la Bibliothe`que de France: le
transfert de 10 millions de volumes / From the Bibliothe`que nationale
to the Bibliothe`que de France: moving 10 million volumes", by
Jacqueline Sanson

3) Internet Town Hall, July 26: US Congress online for a day, and help
is needed. (Stop Press note, July 15: recent Internet-talk indicates
that the event described in what follows may be delayed until later in
the Fall -- participation now wouldn't hurt though, I think, as what
they are looking for is a deluge of user-enthusiasm, all of which could
be archived now for presentation later to Congress.)

The following announcement, which just appeared on several
e-conferences, seems to me to be of interest -- perhaps of vital
interest -- to everyone on the networks.  Congressman Markey is a
leader in getting all of us an expanded and upgraded network, and he
apparently needs a flood of e-mail to the address shown below if he is
to convince Congress that we are important in this budgetarily-austere year:

     "On July 26 at 9:30AM EDT, the Subcommittee on Telecommunications
and Finance of the U.S. House of Representatives will hold the first
Congressional Hearing ever held over a computer network.  The oversight
hearing on "The Role of Government in Cyberspace" will take place in 
the Grand Ballroom of the National Press Club at 14th and F Streets, 
N.W., Washington, D.C.  The hearing is open to the public. An open 
house will be held from 3-5PM on the same day in the same location and 
is also open to the public.

     Chairman Markey has asked that this historic occasion demonstrate
the potential and diversity of the global Internet.  Thirty
Sparcstations will be in the hearing room, allowing members of
Congress, staff, and their guests to read e-mail, use Gopher menus,
read testimony in WAIS databases, browse the World Wide Web, and
otherwise use the resources of the global Internet as part of the hearing.

     Some witnesses for the hearing will testify remotely, sending audio 
and video over the Internet.  Audio and video of the hearing will also 
be multicast over the Multicast Backbone (MBONE).  We are hoping that 
C-SPAN and other traditional media will also carry the event.  *MORE 

     One of the primary points that we are hoping to demonstrate is
the diversity and size of the Internet.  We have therefore established
an electronic mail address by which people on the Internet can communicate 
with the Subcommittee before and during the hearing:


     We encourage you to send your comments on what the role of government
should be in the information age to this address.  Your comments to this
address will be made part of the public record of the hearing.  Feel free
to carry on a dialogue with others on a mailing list, cc'ing the e-mail address.  

     Your cards and letters to congress@town.hall.org will help
demonstrate that there are people who use the Internet as part of their
personal and professional lives.  We encourage you to send comments on
the role of government in cyberspace, on what role cyberspace should play
in government (e.g., whether government data be made available on the
Internet), on how the Internet should be built and financed, on how you 
use the Internet, and on any other topic you feel is appropriate.  This 
is your chance to show the U.S. Congress that there is a constituency 
that cares about this global infrastructure.

     If you would like to communicate with a human being about the
hearing, you may send your comments and questions to:


     Support for the Internet Town Hall is provided by Sun Microsystems
and O'Reilly & Associates.  Additional support for the July 26 on-line 
congressional hearing is being provided by ARPA, BBN Communications, 
the National Press Club, Xerox PARC, and many other organizations.
     Network connectivity for the Internet Town Hall is provided by 
UUNET Technologies."


ISSN: 1071 - 5916



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