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How Montaigne wrote the Essais: the Exemplaire de Bordeaux


F or those who have studied France, there as elsewhere, Montaigne represents some of the finest writing, and general thought, ever produced by that fine and thoughtful culture. A chance, then, to view Montaigne's thinking in-action: he wrote in his books! -- Montaigne's marginalia, scribbled in his own hand in the margins of an edition of his famous Essais! -- a treasure of the Bibliothèque de Bordeaux, on-display there for the first time in a quarter-century, for 3 months this Fall -- as presented & explained & translated in the following --




"Comment Montaigne écrivait ses Essais : l'Exemplaire de Bordeaux"

"How Montaigne wrote the Essais: the Exemplaire de Bordeaux"

posting by Nicolas Barbey July 6, 2016 in Collections, Partenaires
[on Gallica blog, excerpts tr. here by JK]>


"Our manuscripts from the hand of Montaigne are not many. This is why the existence of an edition of the Essais abundantly annotated by their author takes on such exceptional importance. Simultaneously printed and handwritten, known as the Exemplaire de Bordeaux (EB), this document is the only handwritten record remaining to us of the development of this work of Montaigne.

"Preserved at the Bibliothèque de Bordeaux since the end of the 18th century, digitized in Spring 2016 in a partnership between the Bibliothèque nationale de France and the Ville de Bordeaux, it now is available online via the digital libraries of two institutions, Gallica,

and Séléné,



[And now: The EB on-display -- Sep 20 through Dec 17, Bordeaux

"...the EB has not been shown to the general public since 1991. It will be shown for three months, from September 20 until December 17, on the occasion of the exhibition Montaigne Superstar organized by the Bibliothèque de Bordeaux. Do not miss this unique event!..."]


The "Essais" of Montaigne, an exceptional example, on Gallica.

The birth of the Exemplaire de Bordeaux

"Between 1588 and 1592, the year of his death, Montaigne worked on a new edition of his Essais. For this purpose he used a version not taken from the latest edition in print, that of 1588, and he began to enter in it his corrections and additions.

"At first he prepared his document for the printer, but, bit by bit, as the notes accumulated, the project became a working-copy in constant evolution.

"Montaigne compares his undertaking to a child who grows, employing a passage from Virgil, 'vires acquirit eundo' -- 'gathering strength as it goes' -- and writing himself on the title-page of his manuscript.

"The most common changes Montaigne made to his book were elongations, additional developments of certain parts of his text.

"In this manner he increased the length of his text by a third, adding a great number of new citations. The most famous addition is that found on the verso of leaf 71. It concerned La Boétie. Montaigne completed the printed phrase as-follows: "If one pushes me to say why I loved him, I sense that this can only be explained, 'because it was him, because I was me'".



The tribulations of the EB

"What happened to the EB? At his death, Montaigne was interred at the church of the Couvent des Feuillants de Bordeaux. The EB was offered by the widow of the writer to that religious congregation, as witnessed by the handwritten ex-libris of that community on the title page. It stayed there to the end of the 18th century. The library of the Feuillants being confiscated by the Révolution, the EB was taken into the collections of the library of the City.

"From time to time various Bordeaux scholars rediscovered it, the Académiciens Jean Barbot and François de Lamontaigne in particular. But it was above all François de Neufchâteau who, during a stay in Bordeaux, became greatly interested and wanted to compare it with the edition of Marie de Gournay. Because of the differences he found, the necessity of re-examining the Montaigne of the Essais to him seemed evident.

"He had the precious manuscript brought to Paris, and in 1802 Jacques-André Naigeon published a new edition of the Essais, the first to draw from the EB. The book itself might have remained in Paris, but Jean-Baptiste Monbalon, librarian of the Ville de Bordeaux from 1796 to 1830, arranged for its return in 1807. It has been held ever since at the heart of the collections of the Bibliothèque Municipale of which it is one of the most prestigious treasures.

The bookbinder and his knife

"One other experience of the EB is its having endured a terrible degradation. In the 18th c. the Feuillants, thinking they were doing-good, decided to have the book re-bound... Sadly-uninspired, the bookbinder cropped the pages more than was needed, losing much of Montaigne's marginalia...



The EB and the phantom-manuscript

"Since 1802 and the Naigeon edition, the use of the EB in editing the Essais always has been controversial. Some consider it to be the sole authentic text. Others oppose this, the greatest loyalty being to the edition of 1595 established by Marie de Gournay.

"The legitimacy of the 1595 edition seems established today, notably because the differences between the two texts appears to suggest that there is another manuscript by Montaigne, today lost -- Montaigne probably gathered his corrections and assembled them in another copy for a printer -- it is that manuscript which Marie de Gournay would have used for the 1595 edition. So the EB would have been an intermediate-state, not publishable as it is.



For more information, consult the Facebook page featuring Montaigne himself --

-- and view, on the YouTube channel of the BnF, the video presenting, "La Numérisation de l'Exemplaire de Bordeaux".

Nicolas Barbey -- Département du Patrimoine, Direction des bibliothèques, de la lecture publique et des médias culturels de la Ville de Bordeaux.

Notice du document:

Michel de Montaigne (1533-1592), Les Essais, Exemplaire de Bordeaux (EB), 1588 Essais de Michel seigneur de Montaigne. Cinquiesme edition, augmentée d'un troisiesme livre et de six cens additions aux deux premiers. A Paris, Chez Abel L'Angelier, au premier pillier de la grand Salle du Palais. Avec privilege du Roy. 1588 [4]-496 [i.e. 504]-[1] p. : ill. gr.s.c. (titre front.) ; in-4 Bibliothèque municipale de Bordeaux, S 1238 Rés. C




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