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January 15, 2016 issue. This file presents an archive copy of the issue of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which was distributed via email on January 15, 2016.

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Paris 11, beyond the Bataclan --


* Paris, Parmentier, Bibliothèque




And now a Note:

...beyond The Bataclan --

P aris 11 is more than The Bataclan, more than the sadness & anger of the events of 2015, more than Je Suis Charlie... Those are just events: any great city has had many, and always will have. But Paris too is a testimonial to daily-life, the rich and varied everyday existence there so rudely interrupted by those sad events last year. The question always is what, of daily-life, will be permanently altered by any particular event.

Paris is a sensitive place, it sees & hears & feels everything, it remembers, and it changes, but it is very hard to change Paris much. Just up the street from The Bataclan, which all of us everywhere saw and examined so minutely for several weeks last year, there is a little city library. It is named for its location, on the avenue Parmentier: from The Bataclan, a location now so well-known on the boulevard Voltaire, you cross and then walk away from République, direction Nation, just 2 long blocks, then left on rue du Chemin Vert and you are there, the library is just down from the next street-corner.

It's a neighborhood place, in a very big city: small -- city real estate is pricey for culture as it is for anything else -- but an important refuge from the rest. Its collection offerings are limited: 128 magazine subscriptions, though, and plenty to read for kids. Paris 11 is a densely-populated place, the most crowded in the city, and people there need to get-out of the little apartement regularly, so it's a small walk with les gosses, or solo, out to the bib. The neighborhood houses tech-workers, startups, 20-somethings much in need of anything other than their keyboards on such work-breaks.

All this is not "events" but daily-life, in Paris -- it is what is being protected -- & it is what was attacked, in the sad events last Fall.

Amid and after exciting "events" it is good to recall what Paris has in daily-life, in people, in the regular normal things they do. When the terrible news-events and photographs -- all those flowers... - show up everywhere on your various screens -- it is good to remember the strong normality of the place, normal people leading normal city lives, rushing to and from work, stopping by the market and the café, taking the kids out on a walk to the library...

The Big Events attack all this, and the preventive-measures we then must take prolong and further-upset that disturbance -- but the point must be to return to the normality, the daily-life, as soon as we can, and in spite of all the "agendas", with the smallest delay.

When you are in Paris 11, then, certainly see the Bataclan site, and remember -- but visit the little local library, too, and remember that this is why the rest is there, and it is and must be longer-lasting.


Jack Kessler




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