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Musée de l'Imprimerie, new generations


N ews from Lyon's wonderful Musée de l'Imprimerie: a new name, new orientation, new directeur, new generation -- (Email notice received September 8 from the Musée, selections: tr. en américain JK --)





And now a Note:

I have been a fan of this Musée for a very long time... We lived in La Croix Rousse, high on the steep hill above Lyon, 1992-3: me & my family -- me studying Minitel, my wife learning street-market-français & périphérique-heure-de-pression technique -- "You just put your foot on the gas & you go, & don't look in the mirror, they will move..." -- plus two little blond American boys training in the mysteries of French schoolyard-survival and 'football'...

My scheduled visit to the beautiful little Musée building -- see,

-- became one of the remarkable events of our Lyon séjour.

I knew I'd enjoy it: Lyon's printing history fascinated me already -- those rebellious kids armed with the newest 'hitech', fresh from Mainz, funded by 15th c. 'venture-capital', all breaking established rules & regulations, 'social' & other, with impunity... near-impunity, exceptions most-famously including Étienne Dolet... grouped together down along the rue Mercière, then-grotty alley by the riverside, they'd throw their old fonts out the back window to rest in the river-mud there for centuries, bad for the fish but fascinating for later historians... plus hand-printing ateliers for our two pre-teen boys, future digital-generation aficionados both, a vital necessity for any parent of same... -- I couldn't have been disappointed!

But, preconceptions-aside, I also encountered 2 very exceptional things:

1) a "placard"... The Musée courtyard & building & natural-light Renaissance windows & interior spaces alone are worth-a-journey, as is its remarkable collection and the tender-loving-care French curators typically lavish upon layout & description, explanation, présentation -- enjoying all that, then rounding a corner, I came upon the display of a notice some early-printer had had the courage to post upon the door of the king's bed-chamber at Amboise...

-- the arts of "la communication graphique" of an earlier age... not only that, also the printer-as-activist, l'imprimeur-engagé, Caxton, Ben Franklin, the truly-revolutionary aspect of transitions in media, per McLuhan & Elizabeth Eisenstein & so many others...

Epiphanies at the Museum, then: the name-changes have been evocative -- when I first saw it, the institution was the "Musée de l'Imprimerie et de la Banque", information-as-institution(s) -- over the years since then, tho, times have changed, so now it has become the "Musée de l'Imprimerie et de la Communication Graphique", information-as-processes -- a salutary change, emblematic perhaps of societies which have become, both for worse and for better, decidedly more fluid than they were recently... a transition which took place during the 16th century too... We live in interesting times: to me it is comforting to see some institutions, like the Musée, which have the temerity and flexibility both to preserve the past and to keep-up with the present;

-- then too -- as so often is true in France, I've found -- I also encountered,

2) the staff... I met a young Scot, newly-engaged in developing the Musée, and bubbling with energy and enthusiasm for it, also an older French printer, ditto and if-anything even more energetic -- I learned more about the dredging of ancient fonts up out of rivers, and I saw warehouses literally filled with an earlier era's "hi-tech revolution"... and so fully-realising for the first time, or being-convinced by those two, that our own very similar "hi-tech revolution", then (1992) under-way 'way over in La Californie at our Silicon Valley, was not the first... epiphanies at the Musée, bis...


I am forever grateful, then, to the Musée -- whatever it calls itself officially, going forward, as it keeps-up with Change... -- kudos and a bonne retraite to Alan Marshall, a warm-welcome from a far-flung adhérent to the new directeur, Joseph Belletante, and excitement to see what new insights on wonderfully-old but perenially-important topics a new generation will provide.


Jack Kessler



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