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Summer at the Musée de l'Imprimerie et de la communication graphique, in Lyon


P rinting and the arts of the book, graphic arts, design, & the histories of Lyon & France & Europe generally... Readers here will know of, and probably share, my own fascinations with all these things: the Summer 2015 "programme" of the museum proposes them all, inter alia --


* Exhibition: The printers' garden: the saga of Lyon's horticulture told in prints (annonce from the musée)

> In conjunction with the Rose Festival which accompanies the 17th Congress of the World Federation of Rose Societies, "Lyon Roses 2015", the Museum of printing and graphic communication will be mounting, from April 10th until July 12th, the temporary exhibition "The printers' garden": filled with colour, the exhibition will show the role which printing plays in human activities, in this case botany and horticulture, by making them as widely known as possible.

Lyon, capital of printing and of biodiversity

As a result of its exceptional natural and human resources, the Lyon region specialised from ancient times to the Renaissance in vineyards, but it also was also known for its market gardens and fruit. From the 16th century Lyon pioneered the study of botany, responding to the needs of herbalists and agriculturalists and also of medicine, then in its infancy.

At the same period the city became one of the European capitals of printing, the means of spreading knowledge. Botanists and printers worked closely together from the 16th century onwards to make best use of printed texts and illustrations to spearhead their progress. Lyon's printers -- Gryphe, Rouillé, de Tournes, Arnoullet and others -- received visits from leading botanists such as Matthioli from Italy, Fuchs and Gesner from Germany, while Rabelais, Symphorien Champier and Jacques Daléchamps collected plants. This collaboration continued throughout the history of Lyon's horticulture, which reached its peak in the 19th and early 20th centuries, when the city and its region became a centre for all kinds of production and provided an extraordinary laboratory for development of fruit, vegetables and flowers.

"Lyon the capital of the rose" is a reminder of this prestigious history. The exhibition aims not only to recall the biodiversity of the past but also to draw attention to the need to rediscover it.

Printing and horticulture, seekers of innovation

The progress of botany and horticulture has always relied on the printing trade to produce improved illustrations of plants, and also to announce discoveries and innovations, thus enhancing the reputation of Lyon's horticulture.

Two inter-related histories flower in "The printers' garden": the exhibition describes the rise in importance and inventiveness of Lyon's horticulture through documents which at the same time bear witness to the many innovations in illustration and printing since Gutenberg's time.

Down the years, printers have never stopped innovating: the 19th century was one of continuous improvement all along the graphic production line, and this movement is still going on.

Books about botany and horticulture, advertisements and other publicity material relating to flowers, fruit and vegetables, demonstrate the progress of printing and its use of techniques which were innovative in their day: wood and copper engraving, lithography, chromolithography, colour printing, electrotype, nature printing...

To accompany the international event "Lyon Roses 2015", the city of Lyon is organising the "Festival des roses", a programme of public events related to roses, from April 4th until October 10th. There will be exhibitions in the city's museums and at the Parc de la Tête d'Or, a rose-garden at the Hôtel de Ville, floral frescos in each of the nine arrondissements, activities in the parks, gardens and rose-gardens... Roses will be everywhere.

The highpoint of the festival will take place on May 30th and 31st at the Parc de la Tête d'Or and in the city centre, with a number of attractions, giving an opportunity to discover the different aspects of the rose: its history, heritage and cultural roles... from the creation of Lyon's first roses to the evidence we see today in the city's three internationally-famous rose-gardens.

Contributions of historic importance, including that of the Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon

Alongside objects from its own collections, the Museum of printing and graphic communication will be displaying in this exhibition items loaned by many other institutions: the Senate's garden collections, the Lyon botanical gardens, Lyon University I, the Fine Arts Museum, Gadagne Museum, the Lyon Municipal Archives, the Lyon Horticultural Society and Linnaeus Society, the Centre de Ressources de Botanique Appliquée / CRBA, and private collections.

The Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon is making a significant contribution to the exhibition with almost 120 documents dating from the 16th to the 20th century, mostly drawn from their rare books collection. There will be a catalogue to accompany the exhibition, and a number of guided tours and events are planned.

The curator of the exhibition is the ethnobotanist Stéphane Crozat, director of the Centre de Ressources de Botanique Appliquée / CRBA in Lyon, assisted by Sabrina Novak.




And see also, as previously-mentioned here:

* Book History Workshop (2015)

Monday 22 June 2015 to Thursday 25 June 2015

The next summer Book History Workshop will take place from Monday June 22 to Thursday June 25 2015.

For the 12th edition of its Book History Workshop, the Lyon-based Institut d'histoire du livre is offering 3 advanced courses in the fields of book and printing history, taught by Neil Harris, François Vinourd and Claudio Galleri with Eléonore Litim.

The three classes run simultaneously at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Sciences de l'Information et des Bibliothèques / ENSSIB school, with practical sessions at the Bibliothèque municipal de Lyon, the Musée de l'imprimerie et de la communication graphique, and the Archives municipales de Lyon. The courses are aimed at a large variety of specialists (librarians, curators, scholars, artisans, scholars, graphic designers, booksellers, students, etc.) who encounter questions related to the history of the book, printing and graphic communication in the course of their work or research. Each course is taught by a leading international expert in the field with emphasis on the study of original documents.

In order to facilitate access to collections and 'hands-on' study of original documents, each class is limited to 12 students.

Course fees (one course - 4 days):
-- Full price: 500 euros
-- Student price: 300 euros (required mandatory documents: a motivation letter, CV and a copy of your university student card)
-- The course fees include the provision of study materials, a welcome cocktail and tea/coffee breaks. They do not include meals and accommodation.


Workshop coordinators (Bibliothèque municipal de Lyon) : Pierre Guinard (Curator and Head of Collections & Content), Jérôme Sirdey (Curator and Head of Rare Book and Manuscript department), Sheza Moledina (Academic events coordinator).

We are pleased to announce that the Bibliographical Society is offering a bursary of 500 pounds to one of the students who wishes to attend the Book History Workshop 2015. To apply, please send a motivation letter, CV as well as the application form for one of the three courses to -- new deadline: 30 April 2015.





Musée de l'imprimerie et de la communication graphique
13, rue de la Poulaillerie
69002 Lyon, France

Open from: Wednesday to Sunday from 10.30 am to 6 pm




& Lyon in the summertime... for anyone who never has enjoyed the extraordinarily beautiful Parc de la Tête d'Or, an ideal among urban parks, this would be a perfect occasion for doing so, leave time for that...


Jack Kessler,



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