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FYI France: summer reading, Stewart Brand in french!


F or those long, warm, summer-vac evenings, now during juillet-août, spent relaxing on the terrasse, listening to the cicadas, leisurely digesting whatever delicacies the family "pot" served up this afternoon, navigating gently through the wine-fog: something to read... 3 summer-reading suggestions...

-- here I will translate, into l'américain, what my friend Hervé Le Crosnier writes about these 3 -- Hervé is a fine writer himself, tho, so I have included the fulltext of his elegant french below here too.

My few personal comments will appear here as well, particularly about the always-remarkable Stewart Brand -- of whom anyone anywhere who, pace George Carlin, really _does_ "remember the '60s", will know -- and in this case the 70s & 80s & 90s & 00s & now the 10s too, all who remember those very different eras, all now-blending in memory, will know Stewart Brand as well, he has been a topical and stimulating and provocative thinker & speaker & writer for a very long time.

First, then, here is what Hervé says, about these 3 books: he publishes them all via his C&F Éditions --




> Greetings,

> The time has come to choose good books for summer-reading.

> There is on the one hand that pile of novels, tourist guides, and beach-reads...

> But also, on the other, there are various reflective texts, which repay well a perusal at-ease, when nothing is pressing, at the seaside or by the swimming-pool, or after a long session on a bicycle, or on foot, or on hands-and-knees in the garden.

> Onto this latter stack we take care to place serious works, although works agreeable to read, which pose problems and tell stories affecting our contemporary world.

> C&F Éditions offers you 3 such works which will cut handsome figures in your category of "summer-reading":

> Instead of my own words, then, hereunder a bouquet of reviews which have appeared online or in the press.

> To order these books:

> On the website above, over 2 books per shipment ships free-of-charge within France métropolitaine... and for the third a free gift of bookmarks & postcards comes enclosed.

> Attention: no deliveries from July 17 to August 15... Have a great vacation.

> Sincerely,

> Hervé Le Crosnier


> Some Reviews:

> Review #1 --


> Review #2 --


> Review #3 --


> Review #4 --


> Review #5 --


> Review #6 --


> Review #7 --

[Many more fine reviews, omitted here for length... there is only so much you can offer in a single posting...]




----- Original Message -----
From: Hervé Le Crosnier
Sent: Thu, 11 Jul 2013 13:21:20 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [c&f] Trois livres pour vos vacances chez C&F éditions


C'est l'heure de choisir de bons livres pour les vacances.

Il y a d'un côté la pile des romans, les guides touristiques et les "livres de plage".

Mais de l'autre côté, il y a quelques livres de réflexion qu'il fait bon parcourir quand rien ne presse, paresseusement au bord de la mer ou d'une piscine, ou bien après une longue ballade en vélo, à pied ou sur les mains.

Dans cette pile, nous prenons soin de placer des ouvrages sérieux, mais d'une lecture agréable, posant des problèmes et racontant des histoires qui croisent notre monde contemporain.

C&F éditions vous propose trois ouvrages qui feront bonne figure dans cette catégorie des livres d'été :

- Aux sources de l'utopie numérique : de la contre-culture à la cyberculture, Stewart Brand, un homme d'influence -- de Fred Turner

- Dans le labyrinthe : évaluer l'information sur internet -- d'Alexandre Serres

- Le Souffle Bleue : 1959, le jazz bascule -- par Nicolas Beniès

Plutôt que d'en parler moi-même, ci-après un florilège de quelques critiques parues sur le web ou dans les revues.

Pour commander :

- chez votre libraire (qui certainement devra lui-même nous le commander)

- sur une librairie en ligne (mais pas d'inquiétude, nous n'esclavagisons aucun salarié, nous faisons nous mêmes les envois)

- directement sur le site de C&F éditions

(sur ce site, à partir de deux livres l'envoi en France métropolitaine est gratuit... pour les trois, un jeu de marque-pages/cartes postales en cadeau).

Attention: impossible de livrer entre le 17 juillet et le 15 août... pensez dès maintenant à vos vacances.


Hervé Le Crosnier





If you'd like to cheat and read Professor Turner's book about Stewart Brand in the américain, well... but wouldn't it be more fun to tackle this in french? You may have read the original anyway, back when it first came out -- so, now, time for a summer-vac challenge!

And, easier tackling familiar concepts and stories, if you are trying to learn or re-learn an unfamiliar or shamefully-rusty language... And if you are French, well, then the reverse: read this C&F Éditions version, en français, then tackle l'américain...

Brand's ideas in his own writing and speaking are complex, subtle, sometimes blissfully-contradictory -- he was a Merry Prankster, after all -- but always his own language is clear, concise, incisive... Someone French could do worse than to try to learn l'américain by reading Stewart Brand.

I first read things by and about Stewart Brand myself nearly 50 years ago -- I was inspired by him, actually, swept away in fact by possibilities presented in his Whole Earth Catalog, as so many in my generation were -- we thought great thoughts, lived in the woods in geodesic domes we'd designed and build ourselves, learned to grow vegetables...

Since then Stewart's supply of novel ideas has been unceasing: from him we have learned about The Media Lab, The WELL and "email", how buildings "learn", how to live on boats, that thinking might be longue durée, that extinct species might be re-created, that nuclear energy might save us from ourselves.

Some of these terrible ideas, perhaps, may be even dangerous... but without Stewart's inquiring and iconoclastic mind the rest of us would not even know. Some of us have argued -- I myself campaign for "no nukes at all" -- and reviving extinct species really, really, worries me -- but all of us at least have learned, from Stewart.

Many of "us" have been French. Many of the French have inquiring minds, and many of those whom I have met already have encountered Stewart's writing and his ideas. Particularly recently: the hippie era never made the impact, upon France, which the recent digital revolution has -- the French have grown their own vegetables for a long time, but the sensation caused there in 1992 by my bringing my little laptop and WELL / Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link "adresse Internet" there was greatly-exciting to friends in the Hexagone.

And now, in these days of "gaz de schiste" and "Fukushima" --

-- Stewart's latest enthusiasms have become topical too, in France. Delphine Batho and Président Hollande are not the only folks there excited about these things. Professor Turner's generalizations may have application there as well, now: if it's not quite a Global Village, ours is a globe beset now with many problems-in-common, suffered-by and of-interest-to all of us. The book may be a very interesting read now, then, for folks in France.

Happy summer-reading!








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