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July 15, 2008 issue. This file presents an archive copy of the issue of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which was distributed via email on July 15, 2008.

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Darnton on digital libraries


Robert Darnton's recent Google-article in The New York Review of Books may be read profitably, and with interest, by any librarian -- anywhere, and "digital" or other -- also by any lover of books or collector of same, and by any publisher, any writer, any reader... any Web developer or designer...

Also anyone French, wondering "how the Americans think", ought to read Darnton's piece -- likewise anyone in the US, wondering how the French or for that matter any of "the foreigners" are handling the latest iterations of digital information.

The article is available conveniently now online, as follows:

It is a fascinating piece, beautifully-balanced, intriguing, engagé as the French say. Robert Darnton's Eight Points may well supply the framework for both "digital library" and "library" development discussions, going forward -- in any event they are very deserving of meticulous study and debate by all involved.


And see also, for The Fray, a letter published in the current NYRB issue about one of the many interesting issues raised in the article, and Darnton's response --


Darnton is not only a well-known US historian of France, a specialist in books and print and texts and cats and many other arcane subjects, he also now is Director of Harvard's library --

-- and so he is in a good position to speak, if not for the entire US academic and library establishment, at least about some of its worries and insecurities in the face of digital information's onslaught. Particularly regarding Google, the Promise and the Problem...

As to that last, Darnton in this NYRB piece is neither "pro" nor "con". Instead and wisely he offers an acute sensitivity to the user's perspective(s): qua researcher and writer and teacher and librarian himself he wonders, for instance, inter much alia,


For anyone unfamiliar with Darnton's own oeuvre, a few examples:


Jack Kessler,

p.s. Two irresistible endnotes:

* An immediately-favorite cartoon appeared a few days ago in my San Francisco Chronicle: Hamlet is standing on a stage, having his chat with Horatio about the skull of poor Yorick -- the words pouring forth are a string of "1"s and "0"'s... the caption, "Digital Shakespeare".

* And... digital libraries fit imperfectly into non-US notions of administrative law, apparently --

-- "immatériel"... once again the French have the correct term for a thing -- for digital libraries and digital information generally, at times -- neither pro nor con -- diaphanous...






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