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by Jack Kessler, kessler@well.sf.ca.us

June 15, 2005 issue. This file presents an archive copy of the issue of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which was distributed via email on June 15, 2005.

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Versions of the following have appeared online regularly, since 1992, as a feature of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which is distributed for free via email every month except August. Ejournal subscriptions may be obtained via email request to: kessler@well.sf.ca.us

Here this file is one of a number made available -- hopefully attractively, all in one place, and relevant to libraries and online digital information work in France and Europe -- as part of FYI France (sm)(tm), an online service to which anyone can subscribe for 12 months by postal mailing a check for US $45, payable to Jack Kessler, to PO Box 460668, San Francisco, California, USA 94146 (site licenses also are available): please write your email address on the front of your check. And you can pay via PayPal, on the FYI France homepage:


Please email suggestions for improvements to me at kessler@well.sf.ca.us


Digital libraries, at Sélestat(?)


The Bibliothèque Humaniste, at Sélestat in Alsace, is one of the great libraries of Europe. We now have an excellent Bibliothèque Humaniste website, providing information about and digital access to the Sélestat treasures:


-- see particularly the very interesting "service educatif" of the library, offering well-done pdf files intended to help with school visits of various educational levels, files which can give even the online user an "interactive" idea of the resources --


And this summer a special exhibition of bindings in the collection has been mounted at the Bibliothèque Humaniste: "a meeting of two eras, the 16th c. and the 21st -- 20 examples of remarkable bookbinding work, most from the personal library of Beatus Rhenanus, together with modern works by Anne Giordan".


The Bibliothèque Humaniste offers famous ancient collections of the religious communities of its region, and 15th-16th century collections from the period during which the city was a leading center of the Humanism movement in Europe. Most well-known is the collection of Beatus Rhenanus: [tr. JK]


The collections Sélestat offers are ancient, and distinguished:





Any era transfixed by notions of religion and nation-state and empire, as our own appears to have become -- "Axis of Evil" & "Fundamentalism", "Europe" & "Globalization" -- might do well to re-read the Humanists. They are where our thinking on this began.

Beatus Rhenanus lived from 1485 to 1547, Erasmus from 1466 to 1536, Thomas More from 1478 to his foreshortened 1535... The terrible Wars of Religion lasted from about 1559 to 1598. And the Thirty Years War ran from 1618 to the Treaty of Westphalia of 1648, marking the founding of the very modern nation-state idea which now seems to be crumbling around its edges a bit.

The Europe which followed Humanism learned bitter lessons, then, the hardest way, about religious excess and nationalism -- lessons which might profitably be dusted-off today, by all of us.


A few bits of recent bibliography:






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