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Nearest library? For Conques, see Rodez...


Let's say you'll be in France -- in fabulous, medieval, "Route St. Jacques" Conques -- where is the nearest library?

One perennial problem of traveling in France is that so much of historical and other interest happened in its villages.

So if you go to Conques, for example -- 302 habitants, Rouergue / Aveyron -- you can discover things historical, archeological, architectural, lapidary, religious, philosophical... Even to understand modern issues of immigration and emigration -- and the very great and very modern difficulties of "guests and aliens", as Saskia Sassen puts it -- you have to appreciate Conques.

But if you -- or, at least as important, if the significant other(s) with whom you are traveling -- are in need of written resources, while you are on your trip, for reference or diversion or entertainment or sheer distraction or whatever, the problem always is that you can't find these in the village...

Internet access is widespread in France, and the Nets are easily reached from a Conques café. That is not always adequate either, though. In spite of their excellent website,

so much about Conques is not online, yet. And the process of "entertaining the troops" always can use some extra ammo -- on a family outing, or even a visite du couple -- if those with whom you travel do not happen to share your intense personal fascination for famous medieval gold reliquaries...


So, where is the nearest library? Well, for Conques, try Rodez: 25 miles...

So, Rodez... 23,707 inhabitants, "anciennement Segodunum, capitale des Rutènes"... and the very rich wonders of a small-town "public libary", in France... and it's near Conques...





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