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December 15, 2000 issue. This file presents an archive copy of the issue of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which was distributed via email on December 15, 2000.

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FYI France: some good new books, and new ways to find more


As long as it's Christmas, there are some very good new books available -- with increasing purchase & delivery ease for overseas francophiles & francophobes thanks to ecommerce -- on libraries, librarians, librarianship, and things both Internet and bookish in France.

Periodically I offer lists of these here. This month I thought I would suggest 3 principal online "ongoing resource" sites, with examples: so if you are interested in any of the just - mentioned subjects, the following might be useful to "bookmark" and check into occasionally -- for "information on French information" --


1) Electre. At the following address --


a subscription form for Livres Hebdo, one of the leading librarianship and publishing periodicals in France, access to various databases and services, and listings of "Cercle de la Librairie" publications -- grouped under "Métiers du livre", "Collection bibliothèques", "Beaux livres", "Bibliophilie" and "Histoire du livre" -- and currently offering, for example --


Law -- What non - French lawyer / law library / publisher -- and now also any Web developer or ecommerce vendor, in these days of Yahoo! "Nazi memorabilia" lawsuits and censorship (other countries may follow the French soon), plus Napster / Bertelsmann -- can go on without some sort of one - stop - shopping resource for the intricacies of French intellectual property law? In France they figure that Victor Hugo -- yes, he's been dead for a long time -- still retains a "droit moral" copyright in Notre Dame de Paris... --


Publishing -- Very different situation / industry in France from anything followed in the UK or US or, really, anywhere else -- legacy of the "loi Lang" and an ancient and very structured tradition, all now very much under fire due to both online information / Internet and globalization -- very much worth looking at for anyone interested in a case study of a national industrial sector "swimming against the stream" --


Libraries --


History --


Other interesting stuff -- Electre calls these "Beaux Livres" --


2) A second ongoing resource site: the DLL's "bibliographie sélective"

At the following address the DLL / Direction du Livre et de la Lecture offers and apparently efficiently maintains a so - far - very - up - to - date bibliography, on the various subject areas within their administrative purview -- which includes nearly anything involving books / libraries / publishing in France --


Le Livre et la lecture en France
Bibliographie sélective, mars 2000


3) And a 3rd selection of ongoing resources: ecommerce -- you now can get all of these books (or nearly all) simply by clicking in... from Mozambique...

Amazon.fr -- offering perhaps the easiest "point and click" ecommerce access to all of this -- you can sort an amazon.fr retrieval very conveniently "par disponibilité", "par meilleures ventes", "le moins cher d'abord", "le plus cher d'abord", "par date de parution", "de A à Z", and "de Z à A" -- very valuable access, particularly if you are in a hurry --

-- among which, currently --

For "Digital Library" fans -- a "non - US" (think different!) take on same --

And for the best one - stop - shop general intro. on French libraries and librarianship, in a new edition --

And Umberto Eco on libraries -- written with tongue planted firmly in cheek -- hilarious must reading for any librarian, library - user, or lover of either and / or of Eco and / or of his prose -- also for anyone either enamored of or despising the new Trés Grande Bibliothèque / Bibliothèque François Mitterrand at Tolbiac --

And "The Old Stuff" -- some new ways to get at it --

And cataloging -- Any of you catalogers out there stuck in some USMARC / whateverMARC bind? Any of you non - catalogers wondering what the catalogers are talking about? --

And Vietnam -- If it's not yet a "burning topic" for revisionist research at your institution, then it should be -- the US President was there last month, and they're getting high speed Internet access in Hanoi soon -- and, again, at least for the "non - US" view see France... --


And also, for comparison - shopping at least, and to be fair, there is La FNAC -- run an "amazon.fr" list by La FNAC here and see -- this being France there "should" be no price differences, but somehow there always are (hint: be sure to figure your prices CIF / "costinsurancefreight" included / "landed" i.e. on your desk, after "freight" and everything else...) --

-- so, a lot smaller retrieval than amazon.fr's "320"... no I do not know what indexes either vendor is including on a search... and I would think that most publishers by now would list with both amazon.fr and La FNAC, but this may not be so, yet...

La FNAC retrieval sorting is available by "Date", "Titre", something unexplained called "Rang", and "Rang puis Titre" (be sure to click the little "OK" button to the right of the "Afficher par" box if you want to use these sorting indexes).

I see that the current FNAC price for Denis Pallier's book is FF 39.90, beating amazon.fr by .05, but then La FNAC wants FF. 342.75 for the Dupoirier "digital libraries" book, making them higher than amazon.fr, on this one, by .08... be sure to figure in your freight, as that will make the biggest price difference... the "loi Lang" marches on, making me happy once again that I myself am not a French bookseller...


So -- plenty to buy and read and / or put on the shelf for a rainy / snowy day for later reading --

Bonne lecture(s), and Merry Christmas.




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