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June 15, 2000 issue. This file presents an archive copy of the issue of the FYI France ejournal, ISSN 1071-5916, which was distributed via email on June 15, 2000.

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FYI France: digital libraries, online cartography at Sciences Po


The "Sciences Po" -- "l'Ecole libre des sciences politiques" -- has made an extraordinarily interesting and useful "digital libraries" site available online. The resources include the expected information about the school itself, and access to rich documentation / information - searching sources, an interesting and broad - based Z39.50 search engine, and the online catalog of the school's famous book collection.

But in addition there is a link to a fascinating thing called, simply, "site de la Cartographie", or "Cartes et Diagrammes", for anyone who loves maps...

"Cartes et Diagrammes" offers,

a) Grandes lignes de partage du monde contemporaine -- The curriculum in cartography at Sciences Po, a very interesting tour through how the subject currently is taught in France, and the general basics of the cartographer's world. Interesting maps, simply and clearly presented.

b) Cartothèque -- A large, and growing, online collection of maps in use by classes and researchers at Sciences Po. Currently over 200 maps are shown, addressing topics such as,

c) Fonds de cartes -- A perhaps - extremely - useful collection of charts and "projections" -- sketch outlines -- of all sorts of geographic entities, interestingly provided often in historical perspective. So, for example, among the five general categories,

you can find the series,

-- to scale and following the same methodology -- so you can trace, and present, historical developments very easily using these... Another example:

-- and there are many other examples suggesting intriguingly useful applications here -- i.e.

-- in this last, the départements are simply outlined on an unmarked map -- very useful for anyone possessing rudimentary map - making or other graphics software and in need of showing students, or others, how things have changed in France...

d) Dossiers thématiques -- Currently four projects are shown, each valuable in and of itself, and the collection valuable for anyone interested in comparative approaches to map - making --

e) Comment faire des cartes et des diagrammes: Théorie cartographique et sémiologie graphique -- Finally theory, last but not least. This is France, and it wouldn't be French without some theory, and a little "se'miologie"... Four very interesting presentations currently appear in this section of the Sciences Po site:


A general note:

Fascinating to consider all of the different issues which can be "mapped"... particularly useful in this era of the "globalization" buzzword...

Also, it is interesting to consider how cartography may be revolutionized, now -- along with everything else it sometimes seems -- by online access and digital information tools. Web users anywhere now can view these things, and download them, and use them, and alter them using increasingly - freely - available hardware and software and user knowledge about graphics.

Thanks to computerization and the Internet, and pace Edward Tufte, my children know far more now than I ever have about fonts, and colors, and shading, and graphic presentation generally. Maps no longer are "set in stone" -- any more than "books" or any other "texts" are...


The addresses for Sciences Po are:

"Sciences Po" was founded in 1872. It has trained an important sector of the French ruling elite for over a century. Today it offers a full internationally - oriented curriculum to 4,000 incoming students every year, 1/4 of whom were non - French in 2000, and 1/3 of whom are expected to be non - French by 2003.




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